The British Parliament begins debate on Brexit

In the British Parliament start debates on the government submitted the bill to start the procedure of withdrawal from the European Union. It is reported with reference to Associated Press.

The government was forced to introduce the bill after the Supreme court decision last week against the efforts of Prime Minister Theresa maylaid on the initiative to commence the process of withdrawal from the EU bloc without a parliamentary vote.

As the newspaper notes, the British Ministers hope the bill will pass through both houses of Parliament to voluntarily designated by the government of the deadline for the start of the negotiation process, i.e. until 31 March.

Recall that a week earlier, the UK Supreme court made the decision according to which for starting the procedure of exit from the EU, the government must obtain the approval of the British Parliament.

As previously reported, more than 80 members of Parliament in Britain would vote against Brexit.

The British Parliament begins debate on Brexit 31.01.2017

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