The British newspaper the Financial Times published a call to Trump to remember about Simon at a meeting with Putin

The British newspaper the Financial Times published a letter to the editor about the fate of the Crimean journalist Nicholas Semeny, who faces five years in prison. This is with reference to «information Center on human rights» reports

In the publication under the title «will Support the leader of the free world the treacherous Russian aggression?» by journalist Yuriy Lukanov, which cooperates with the information Center of human rights in international advocacy, it is mentioned that Nicholas Simon was charged on the same day that saw the inauguration of Donald trump.

When trump was a candidate for the presidency, he was surprised his proposal to recognize the illegal annexation of the Crimea due to the fact that, according to him, the majority of Crimeans, podderzhala the idea to join Russia. President trump, the letter says, must take into account that Nicholas Seeds has now entered the long list of journalists, activists and ordinary Crimean residents, who can receive a long prison term for something that has the opposite point of view.

In the publication of the mention of the so-called Crimean amendment to the criminal code of Russia, adopted by the Duma in may 2014, which stipulates five years in prison for each person who will raise the issue of Russia’s territorial integrity. Four Crimean journalists got charged under this law for what was said about the legality of the law of Ukraine on the territory. A few dozen activists and members of the Crimean Tatar ethnic minority has faced similar accusations in opposition to the illegal land grab and repression on the Peninsula.

The author mentions also the Paris correspondent for the Ukrainian news Agency «UKRINFORM» Roman Sushchenko, who was arrested in Moscow, where he arrived to visit relatives, and was accused of espionage against Russia.

«Russia is the third year — says the publication — continues a brutal war against Ukraine. from the hybrid of intimidation and misinformation through propaganda channels up to oppression and real life and death, war battles in the Eastern region of the Donbas. United Russian military forces and the cleaved regions continue daily shelling and regular killing the government troops. About 10 000 people died in the nearly three-year struggle. Despite this, the President trump, again and again announces its plans to establish friendly relations with Russia and to support the lifting of sanctions imposed for aggression against Ukraine.»

The publication concludes with a proposal to the leader of the free world Donald Trump, when he would shake hands with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during a meeting tete-a-tete, talking about the fate of journalist Nicholas Semeny, who wrote for Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe, about other persecuted Crimeans and Donbass victims of the ongoing war.

The author concludes that the silence of Mr. trump only support and encourage Russia to that. to further inflame treacherous war against freedom of speech, human rights, and peace-loving neighbor.

As reported, on 20 January, an investigator of the Russian FSB in annexed Crimea handed to journalist Nicholas Simon, the indictment on criminal case about separatism (article 280.1 of the Russian criminal code).

According to the investigation, the Crimean journalist «has prepared an article entitled «the Blockade is a necessary first step towards the liberation of the Crimea», which was discovered appeals to violation of territorial integrity of the Russian Federation».

In the spring of 2016 in the Crimea have been massive searches, including independent journalists, who were suspected of cooperation with «Crimea.Realities».

The author’s attitude to Radio Liberty Nicholas Semeny opened a criminal case under article 280.1 of the Russian Criminal code (public appeals to violation of territorial integrity of Russia). Investigative bodies of the Russian Federation forbade him to leave the annexed Peninsula.

Protection Nicholas Semeny, international and European Federation of journalists and the office of the OSCE representative on freedom of speech called on the FSB to release the journalist from the Crimea for treatment, but a positive answer was not achieved.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine called to stop the pressure on the semen.

The British newspaper the Financial Times published a call to Trump to remember about Simon at a meeting with Putin 27.01.2017

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