The British defence Secretary has accused Russia of lies and cyber attacks

The British defense Secretary Michael Fallon , made a tough speech on Russia, accusing the Kremlin in the use of cyber attacks and the use of disinformation to undermine Western democracy. The defense Minister called on NATO to take large measures to counter the threat.

With these statements, Fallon addressed the students of St. Andrews University of Scotland, reports the BBC. According to the Minister, Moscow «uses misinformation as a weapon», trying to expand their influence, destabilize Western governments and NATO. «Today we are dealing with a country that started to use misinformation as a weapon, created what is now called the era of post-truth. Part of this is cyber attacks, which are used for the destruction of critical infrastructure and the disconnection of the mechanism of democracy,» Sky News quoted the it Fallon.

The Minister of defence of great Britain has accused the Russian government in the «regular lies». In his opinion, as tools to mislead the Kremlin is using the Sputnik Agency and the Russia Today TV channel. The head of the British defense Ministry said that they should «prosecute» for spreading «disinformation in the Soviet style».

Accusing Russia of lying, Fallon said: «There is a special Russian word for that. Not «masking», an old trick used by their security services, and «lie» when the listener knows that the speaker is lying, and the speaker knows that the listener knows that he is lying, but still continues to lie».

The Minister of defence of the United Kingdom quoted the words of Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who in his essay «the Smatterers» wrote: «the Daily lies we have — not the whim of a depraved nature and form of existence.» Fallon believes that these words apply to Russia today, BBC Russian service reports.

According to the Minister, regarding cyber attacks, it is possible to talk about a certain «well established model», in accordance with which such attacks are carried out by Russia on a regular basis. As examples, Fallon led off the broadcast of the French TV channel TV5Monde in April 2015; the hacker attack on the lower house of the German Parliament later in the same year; the cyber attacks on Bulgaria in October 2016, which the President described as «the most powerful and intense» of all the things that happened in South-Eastern Europe, and finally the hacking of the servers of the Democratic and Republican parties of the USA during the presidential election campaign in the United States last year.

Fallon also warned that the Kremlin might try to interfere in the September elections to the German Bundestag, as he already did during the parliamentary elections in Montenegro in October 2016 and during the referendum in the Netherlands on Association between the EU and Ukraine in April 2016.

According to the Minister, Russia’s actions cannot be considered as «things». Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to become a «strategic rival» of the West, said Fallon. «Russia clearly feels NATO and the West. It seeks to expand its sphere of influence, to destabilize the country and weaken the Alliance — said the head of the British defense Ministry. — It undermines the national security of a number of allies and the international system based on rules.»

In this regard, UK and all of Europe is interested in «maintaining a strong presence of NATO, to contain Russia and to dissuade her from pursuing this course,» concluded Fallon. «NATO should also effectively protect yourself in cyberspace, as it does in the air, on land and at sea that the enemy knew that there is a price that he will pay in the case of the use of cyber weapons,» — said the British Minister of defence.

Fallon noted that the UK almost doubled its investment in defensive and offensive capabilities in cyberspace. The amount of funding has reached 1.9 billion pounds (about 2.37 billion dollars).

At the same time, Fallon has supported the position of President of the United States Donald trump in relation to Putin. «President trump talked about the need for cooperation with Russia. He’s right,» said the Minister in his speech. «Great Nations, like the United States and Russia, will speak. They must speak to preserve the rules-based information system that underpins our security and prosperity. The UK also needs the cooperation with Russia, particularly between military», — said the Minister.

Fallon stated that trump’s a realist who understands that interaction carries with it the equally risks and benefits. The defense Minister of great Britain supported the call of the President of the United States for all NATO members to fulfil the obligation to spend on defense of 2% of GDP, increasing its capacity in cybersphere.

It should be noted that the speech of the head of the British defense Ministry came after a few days after Prime Minister Theresa may during a visit to the United States at the meeting of the leadership of the Republican party in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) said that with Moscow it is possible to interact from a position of strength and the principle of «trust but verify».

The British defence Secretary has accused Russia of lies and cyber attacks 03.02.2017

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