The BPP don’t know who paid for their new year party

MPs BPP did not pay for a Christmas party, which was held in the club «5th element» on 22 December last year. About it the Deputy head of fraction Sergey Berezenko told the TV channel «112 Ukraine» in the program «People Hard Talk» from 9 Jan.

«Had a corporate maximum of modest. And in 10 hours there appears to be, it’s all over,» said Berezenko.

Berezenko was unable to say who paid for the new year corporate party «block of Petro Poroshenko», which took place on December 22.

«I can’t say because I didn’t take part in it. We have a fairly large number of people that have declarations that are officially registered cash income. Of course, the corporate the main role was played, in particular, and Igor Kononenko, because he is the owner of «the 5th element». Perhaps we will calculate in some way. But I doubt,» said Berezenko.

At the same time Berezenko said that Kononenko is the actual head of the parliamentary faction of the BPP.

«The decisions we take collectively. Differently, this faction does not work», – the MP said Berezenko.

According to Berezanka, the corporate had 95% of the faction and stressed that the party is today United as never before.

«If we talk about people who are not invited, then there are members who have officially declared that they are members of another political force that is in opposition to the government. And the government is «Block of Petro Poroshenko». It is absolutely logical that nothing else how to write a regular post in Facebook, the goal is to come back not these people. We freed them from the need to reject, or come and make some mess, which irritated the other members of the faction», – said Berezenko.

In July 2016 the people’s deputies from BPP Mustafa Nayem, Serhiy Leshchenko and Svitlana zalishchuk become members of the party «Democratic Alliance».

The faction of the BPP celebrated new year’s corporate party in Kiev sport club «5 element» in the evening of 22 December.

The BPP don’t know who paid for their new year party 10.01.2017

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