The border patrol has no plans to resume the call in 2017

The state border service does not plan to return to the practice of replenishment of the number of personnel by conscription. On 27 December the head of the state border guard service (SBGS) , Viktor Nazarenko, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

«We are not planning in the current budget to return to military service», — he said.

Nazarenko reminded that due to the lack of personnel in gpsu was restored the recruitment of conscripts, but in the fall of 2016, through increased funding for the Agency, managed to escape.

«We are today a professional structure that does not need conscripts», — he added.

Now in the frontier Department even end serve 3.8 thousand guards, conscripts, some of which are at the end of the period of military service will sign a contract with the Department.

We will remind, in the spring of SBS has renewed the call for military service and took in its ranks about 4 thousand conscripts. This was done due to the fact that there was no option to increase the number of employees with the available resources and to avoid reducing the readiness for action of their units.

However, already in the frontier Department refused to call for military service due to the fact that the guards raised their salaries and this has led to an increase in the number of contractors.

The border patrol has no plans to resume the call in 2017 28.12.2016

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