The «black boxes» of the crashed plane EgyptAir will cease to apply signals 24 Jun

Data from the flight recorders of the EgyptAir plane that crashed on 19 may, may be irrevocably lost if «black boxes» will not be discovered until June 24. On this day, according to Egyptian experts, the recorders will stop emitting signals that will make them search almost impossible, reports

To find the black boxes under water at a depth of 3000 meters, it is necessary to determine their location to within a few meters, said earlier French experts from BEA.

Egyptian Committee to investigate the accident in connection with the acute shortage of time decided to satisfy the request of the National Council for transport safety USA about the inclusion in the composition of search teams American experts, according to Reuters.

According to the Agency, the aircraft’s engines were manufactured by the U.S. company Pratt & Whitney, and the country-the engine manufacturer is usually involved in the investigation of the disaster, although it is not a prerequisite.

Egyptian authorities previously said that the plane disappeared from radar when he was at the altitude of 37 thousand feet. These data differed from those voiced by the Minister of defense of Greece, according to which the aircraft spun to the left, then 360 degrees clockwise, and it all happened at an altitude of 15 thousand feet.

According to experts, such a conclusion is very important because it indicates the likelihood of an explosion on Board.

The signal from the flight recorders of the Airbus 320 was «caught» by rescuers in the beginning of June, so the search area was narrowed to a radius of two kilometers instead of five. Information from «black boxes» is critical for understanding the causes of the crash.

Earlier media wrote that the study of the fragments of the bodies can attest to the fact that on Board the aircraft the explosion occurred. However, the head medical examiner of Egypt, Hesham Abdelhamid said that the data «completely wrong».

Early on the morning of may 19, over the Mediterranean sea EN route from Paris to Cairo aircraft A320 EgyptAir company suddenly started to lose altitude, and after a few sharp turns, fell into the water. On Board were 66: 56 passengers, including three children, and 10 crew members. In the airline lists including representatives of 12 States, most of whom were Egyptians and the French.

The «black boxes» of the crashed plane EgyptAir will cease to apply signals 24 Jun 14.06.2016

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