The Bank of Lithuania are $ 30 million of ex-Prime Minister Lazarenko media

International investigative journalism OCCRP reported that the Lithuanian newspaper found in the database OCCRP documents showing that in the Bank of Lithuania, there are about 30 million dollars associated with the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko. About it reports «Radio Freedom».

According to the report, these funds frozen in the account of the local branch of the Swedish Bank SEB, and Lithuanian courts every few months and continue the freezing for the last 17 years.

The Bank declined to comment on these data.

According to the investigation, we are talking about part of the order of 200-250 million dollars that is associated with Lazarenko and which were frozen in several countries with the filing of the US authorities in 2004.

Previously, the account with the above-mentioned 30 million dollars in Lithuania Bank Hermis Bank belonged to Lazarenko European Federal Credit Bank, which was liquidated. In 2000, the Lithuanian branch of SEB Bank bought the Bank Hermis with this account.

Pavlo Lazarenko fled Ukraine in 1999. In 2004, he was convicted in the United States on charges of money laundering. After his release from prison in November 2012, he was in the detention center Immigration and customs enforcement, the United States, which refuses to say when I release him.

In that time, Lazarenko has been in prison in the US gained momentum the case for its assets offshore.

In this case, Lazarenko has a lot of volume and there is a risk that the investigation will drag on for years, it may fall to the court no earlier than 2018.

The name of Lazarenko also appears in the «Panamanian securities» together with Yulia Tymoshenko and her husband.

Lazarenko himself declares that he is a poor unemployed with no income. In court documents submitted to them, stated that he owed former lawyer $ 100 thousand and is living solely on the salary of his wife. However, according to the Prosecutor in the case of Lazarenko of money laundering Mar Soup, he has quite a lot of hidden assets.

The Bank of Lithuania are $ 30 million of ex-Prime Minister Lazarenko media 12.01.2017

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