The author of the dossier in trump worked with US intelligence and the UK media

Ex-British intelligence officer of MI6 and author of the report about the alleged Russia «compromising» on Donald trump Christopher Steele believed that he had obtained so much interesting data that gave them the intelligence not only the US but the UK. About this newspaper Іndependent, citing its own sources.

The newspaper reminds that initially, Steele served at the behest of political rivals trump, trying to find enough dirt on him. However, the former spy came to the conclusion that the obtained data are of interest to intelligence services as they cover national security issues.

According to the British newspaper, Steele was dissatisfied with the fact that the FBI, in General, ignored his messages, but paid much attention to the investigation of the scandal with the emails of the opponent’s trump, at the election of Hillary Clinton.

In the end, the former intelligence officer continued to collect information on trump, but lost customers, doing it for free. Similarly behaved American counterpart Steele — Glen Simpson, who heads the company Fusion GPS. The firm in 2015 also collected information on the order of the opponents of the trump. And in 2016, it joined forces Steele.

«The independent» notes that Steele’s whereabouts currently remain unknown. It is actively criticize those in power in the UK conservatives — they believe that the ex-spy trying to prevent the British premiere of Theresa may to establish close ties with trump.

Earlier this week, the British «guardian» reported that the author of the dossier on trump gave the documents a range of individuals, particularly the FBI, to find confirmation of the information received about the relations of the elected President of the USA with Moscow.

The report provoked a strong negative reaction from trump and his team, who called it «from beginning to end fabricated.»

«I think it disgraceful and shameful for intelligence agencies to release such information, which is fabricated and false,» said trump at his first press conference on Wednesday.

He added: «This is something that could do and did Nazi Germany.»

At the same time, journalist David corn, in October, reporting the existence of a dossier, but without anything scandalous, said that the originator of the controversial dossier on trump suggested the involvement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the campaign to discredit the billionaire.

The new material on the website Mother Jones, the Washington Bureau chief of the newspaper told about how took place an interview with the originator of compromising by Christopher Steele and his work on the received material.

Korn said that Steele considered the collected material is unusually important, something that goes beyond politics. According to former British intelligence officer, the interest of Russian special services in the Trump was part of Putin initiated a campaign to intervene and discredit the system of democratic elections in the countries of the West.

The journalist in his article does not mention Steele by name, but does not refute appeared in the press speculation that he was the author of a controversial dossier.

He points out that in its October material did not give any details, in particular regarding the «personal behaviour» of trump, although he was briefed Steele. He stressed that the scout says: we are talking about collected data, not on their generalization or the final conclusions. But Korn said that Steele was convinced of the seriousness of the information received.

No indication that the corn was associated with the ex-MI6 officer after the publication of compromising on Buzzfeed, no. It is only some moments of the interview, which was conducted last fall.

The day before the press reported that Steele hastily left his home in Surrey in the South of England. He left on January 10-11. Before leaving, he left his cat roommate, instructing him to look after him «a few days».

The US President-elect discussed the situation with the head of US National intelligence James Clapper and stated that intelligence is recognized by the invention set out in the report the facts. The head of the N. I. also noted that US intelligence agencies can not confirm the authenticity of these documents and do not make any conclusions on their basis.

The FBI was unable to confirm many essential details of these materials, in particular on video with prostitutes of Moscow hotel «Ritz-Carlton». Trump this week sharply criticized the media that publish unverified information about it.

Wednesday, January 11, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov categorically denied the Russia collection of compromising materials on trump and Clinton, calling the reports «absolute fiction».

The author of the dossier in trump worked with US intelligence and the UK media 14.01.2017

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