The author of a study on the supply of rockets North Korea: These technologies were obtained or from Ukraine, or from Russia

Very rapid and unexpected progress of the DPRK in the development of long-range missiles was caused by the import of technology from Ukraine or Russia, so the Ukrainian side to investigate the situation around «Pivdenmash» in cooperation with international experts.

This was stated in an interview with «Voice of America», senior researcher of the program of missile defense at the International Institute for strategic studies Michael Ellemann, on the basis of the conclusions which The New York Times stated about a possible delivery of a Ukraine technology of the DPRK.

«Perhaps these technologies were obtained or from Ukraine or from Russia. These new capabilities have allowed North Korea to build long-range missiles, including those who are able to strike the United States. You can easily narrow down their possible suppliers based on performance and appearance available in the DPRK engines. The big question that remains – how many of these engines were purchased,» – said the expert.

He noted that the rocket engines, likely to have been obtained through illicit channels.

«I don’t think that the governments of Russia or Ukraine would take part in it. Both governments have a good reputation in the issue of preventing the proliferation of sensitive technologies. In particular, the government of Ukraine was arrested in 2012 several citizens of North Korea who were interested in the technologies of KB «southern». Of course, I believe that the government did not take part in it and, most likely, it has occurred through an illicit network of arms dealers, criminal gangs and so on,» said Ellemann.

«I would say three or four, but most likely helped someone from the «Energomash», or «Yuzhmash»… and of course there is the rocket of the Ukrainian manufacture «Cyclone-2″, which puts into orbit the satellites, which the government of Russia bought in Ukraine until 2006. Therefore, wherever the starting area businesses who were involved in rocket launches, had access to the parts and probably had the technology with which you could make modifications,» – said the expert.

Ellemann said that has no intelligence sources and relies on technical evaluation and their sources, noting that he could not definitely say, came the technology from Russia or from Ukraine.

«From what I know( but a lot remains unknown to me), it is more likely that the technology came from Ukraine than from Russia. But if someone gives me proof, or some evidence additionally, this assessment could easily change,» he said.

August 14 edition of the New York Times wrote that the success of the testing of North Korean missiles may be explained by the fact that they are equipped with engines from the factory «Pivdenmash» in the river that is historically connected with the Russian missile production.

Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov called provocation information on the delivery of North Korea Ukrainian missile technology.

The press service of «Yuzhmash» denied delivery of the DPRK rocket engines.

15 Aug expert on military missile technology from the International Institute for strategic studies Michael Ellemann, who referred to The New York Times, said that not told about the involvement of the Ukrainian authorities to supply rocket engines to the DPRK.

The US state Department said the United States «seriously» to the information on the possible supply of engines for the North.

15 August, a source in us intelligence told Reuters that modifications of the Ukrainian RD-250 in North Korea could create with the help of foreign scientists of North Koreans who studied abroad.

The author of a study on the supply of rockets North Korea: These technologies were obtained or from Ukraine, or from Russia 16.08.2017

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