The Aussie had a fight with a kangaroo over his dog

In Australia a local resident during a hunt stood up for his dog, which grabbed a kangaroo.

The video was published on YouTube on December 4 and quickly became popular in social networks and local media.

As noted in the publication, a group of hunters gathered together to help the suffering from cancer of a young man with his last wish is to catch 100 kg of wild boar with dogs. During the hunt one of the well-trained dogs chased some pigs smell and are faced with a large kangaroo, who grabbed the animal, posesivos to bright red protective gear dogs (to save from the sharp fangs of a boar). The owner of the dog was horrified and rushed to separate the animals. He stood in a fighting stance and hit a kangaroo in the face. Then slightly retreated, «otvetka» a kangaroo can gut people.

The dazed kangaroo froze for a moment, pondering what happened, then turned and went home.

The publication also mentions that the young man did not survive the fight this serious disease and died, so this hunt is part of the cherished memories to his family and friends.

Earlier, the Australian Minister Shane Rattenbury during the morning run encountered a kangaroo in a fight with the animal was defeated, escaped with deep wounds and bruises.

Add that to the wonders of resourcefulness and courage people show, and also in the meeting with the sharks, crocodiles and snakes. Thus, in Zimbabwe, a father with his bare hands pulled her son from the jaws of reptiles in Nepal a farmer was eaten to death who dared to attack him Cobra, and an old inhabitant of Wales saved children from a shark attack on Australian beach – it’s the local media dubbed him a national hero, the story of his heroic act spread throughout the world, but on returning home, the Briton was fired. By the way, in Australia the brazen sharks have hard times – in 2010, 60-year-old pensioner with his fists punched the predator.

The Aussie had a fight with a kangaroo over his dog 05.12.2016

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