The attack in Turkey: 3 security forces personnel were killed by the explosion of a car bomb

Three members of the security forces of Turkey were killed in the explosion of a car bomb in the South-East of the country. It is reported by local newspaper Hurriyet, as well as the Agency Reuters with reference to sources in the respective departments.

The details of the incident are not reported. According to Turkish CNNTurk TV channel, the security forces were killed during clashes with representatives of the banned in Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK).

The previous incident happened in Turkey three days ago — on Saturday, March 19. Then the explosion took place on the pedestrian street of Istiklal in Central Istanbul. As a result four people were killed, 39 were wounded. Among the dead were foreigners — citizens of Israel. It was reported that some of them also had U.S. citizenship. According to TASS, was also among the dead was a citizen of Iran.

Later, the Turkish authorities claimed to have identified the suicide bomber who committed the attack. He was suspected of links with the group «Islamic state» Mehmet Ozturk, born in 1992. He identified DNA-test, comparing samples from the scene of attack with DNA taken from his relatives. Brother Ozturk was detained within the investigation of the terrorist act.

Before this week occurred in Turkey two attack in victims. March 18 was blown up armored car with the police, and on March 13 a powerful explosion occurred at a stop of public transport in Ankara, killing 37 people.

21 March in Turkey marked the Muslim holiday Novruz (New year). In the celebration involved mainly the Kurds who constitute a large part of the population of South-East Turkey and Diyarbakir.

However, after the attacks, the authorities tightened security. In some regions of the curfew. In Istanbul, the festivities were banned for security reasons.

And on 18 March, Turkish bomb experts defused an explosive device found during the night near government buildings in the South-East of the country — in honey, mostly inhabited by Kurds.

Note, beginning in the fall of 2015 active phase of international peacekeeping operations in civil war-torn Syria to neighbouring Turkey has sharply increased the number of large-scale terrorist attacks. Turkish authorities most of them associated with the Kurdish separatists.

The attack in Turkey: 3 security forces personnel were killed by the explosion of a car bomb 21.03.2016

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