«The ATO»: the book-diary of a volunteer

The participant ATO wrote diary of a volunteer
The participant ATO Dmitry Jarnow wrote the diary of a volunteer «anti-terrorist operation». The book was published in publishing house «Vivat».

Jarnow began to keep a diary in Facebook, they described the realities of war to your friends. In may last year the stories were interested in the Ukrainian media, and in June social network page had to be closed according to the requirements of army authorities. The author then continued to blog anonymously, reports Сultprostir.

«The book «ATO» is a breath of fresh air in many angazhirovana literature and the stream of false news. This book is a mix of humor and irony. It is about the readiness to defend their country and love for her, healthy patriotism and the ability to assess the situation objectively», — said General Director of publishing house «Vivat» Julia Orlova.

«I think that today such books should be more books true, «way», written by heart of a man who simply loves his country — no more, no less – and therefore not running away from his duty, no matter what,» said she.

As previously reported, the day of Dignity and Freedom published a number of literary and journalistic works of Ukrainian writers, historians, philosophers about the heroes of the Heavenly hundred, the participants of the Dignity Revolution and the anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine.

«The ATO»: the book-diary of a volunteer 27.01.2016

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