The AP told how to build relationships with trump

Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine on foreign Affairs Konstantin Eliseev said that Ukraine is actively working to establish relations with the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump and noted that Petro Poroshenko was one of the first to trump decided to call.

He told about it in interview «RBC-Ukraine».

In particular, in the first place Elisha rejected accusations made in the direction AP and the Ukrainian foreign Ministry that Ukraine during the election campaign in the United States focused exclusively on the Democrats and noted that Poroshenko remained neutral in this matter. «In his position Peter A. invariably retain the loyalty and neutrality in respect of candidates for the presidential elections in the United States. And the head of our state was one of the first to trump decided to call. This call shows that our Ambassador in Washington and our foreign Ministry has good contacts with all political forces within the United States,» — said the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine.

Commenting on the potential appointments in the new administration of the President of the United States, Elisha said that he preferred to discuss only a specific destination. «I would like to talk about a specific appointed people. Ukraine is working on establishing contacts with members of the future team of trump, with members of Congress, and with the analysts who prepared the materials for the headquarters of the trump. We work deep enough and not alone,» — said the official AP.

Elisha focused on the fact that a telephone conversation Poroshenko and trump was «warm and sincere».

«Emphasize what happened first, very warm and sincere phone conversation with trump, which lasted about 15 minutes. We are now working hard to build up contacts, build bridges. By the way, during the telephone conversation was, in particular, about the possible visit of the President of Ukraine to the United States early next year,» he added.

Deputy head of the presidential administration also stressed that the conversation with trump deytsivtelno took place and commented on the incident, when the President spoke with the prankster posing as the President of Kyrgyzstan.

When asked about this incident, Elisha noted that evidence of the conversation, Poroshenko and trump is a list on the website of the trump, who «published a list of those leaders with whom he had telephone conversations. This list is the President of Ukraine».

Yeliseyev also said that the administration Poroshenko hope that President trump would continue the policies of his predecessor Barack Obama in the issue of extending sanctions against the Russian aggressors.

«…We hope that the new administration of the United States will demonstrate in this respect the continuity», he said.

Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine also added that the Budapest Memorandum would remain on the agenda of relations between the U.S. and Ukraine.

We will remind, according to some, Poroshenko intends to visit trump’s official visit in February.

Earlier it was reported that newly elected US President, supporter of the American political and economic isolationism trump has announced plans for the first 100 days of presidency. Ukraine and war in Donbass they are not mentioned. Perhaps this is related to the fact that this statement trump devoted mainly to economic issues and the withdrawal of the U.S. from the TRANS-Pacific partnership.

EU leaders, meanwhile, do not exclude the refusal of trump’s many security initiatives, including under the auspices of NATO, and has already announced its intention to create a common European army.

At the same time, the Russian state propaganda takes the trump as Pro-Putin politician.

The election trump the state Duma welcomed with applause, and the head of the lower house of pralamenta of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin said that «ideological principles» of the new American President is «very close» in modern Russia.

However, analysts point out that in the government team, trump will be sustained balance between the «friends of Putin» and hard «hawks»Republicans.

The AP told how to build relationships with trump 23.11.2016

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