The anti-terrorist operation zone: shelling continues in all directions

No serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed forces died or were wounded over the past day in the zone of the antiterrorist operation in the East of the country. On this day, February 9, said the speaker of the Ministry of defence on ATO Alexander Motuzyanik.

The OSCE mission: «silence» no, the militants took the «Hail» from places of storage

Attacks by militants with the application of the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons, do not stop in all directions. In particular, the direction of Lugansk per day recorded 25 attacks, a third of them with heavy weapons. In the Crimean militants used artillery, firing on positions of ATO forces, about 90 shells. Shelling with mortars was recorded in the Popasnyansky area on Bakhmutskaya route and in the settlement Crimson.

In the direction of Donetsk tense situation along the demarcation line, the heavy weapons the militants used around the clock. The hot spots were Avdeevka and Svetlodarsk arc, where the hybrid Russian-occupying forces are firing mortars and tanks. Just a day in this area recorded 33 attacks, one third of them – from heavy weapons.

On the Mariupol direction of mortar and artillery shelling the positions of ATO forces was recorded in Shirokino and Lebedinsky. The shelling damaged substation Bulla in Talakovka. Militants also fired three Marinka. A day in the direction of Mariupol recorded 24 attacks, 10 of them with heavy weapons.

We will remind, on January 29 it was reported that the Russian occupation of hybrid armed groups have carried out assault operations in the area of Avdeyevka industrial area to seize positions of Ukrainian Armed forces and that both sides suffered serious losses.

As a result of the shelling of Avdeevka remained without power, electricity and heat.

In gorodechnyi a state of emergency.

Rescuers urgently transferred to the plant ancillary equipment, generators and field kitchens. Avdiivka coke (APS), the largest in Europe coke-chemical plant, stopped work after the attacks due to the loss of power, managed to maintain an Autonomous electricity generation at the plant and provide heating of the Avdeevka coke-oven gas.

Thus from-for attacks of teams of electricians for a long time could not enter the area of damage to power lines. The lights in Avdeevka returned only on February 5.

On January 31 the Russian occupation forces continued unsuccessful attack using artillery and mortars.

February 1 ATO forces repulsed several attacks of militants.

2-4 February did not stop massive shelling and attacks invaders.

It was reported that illegal armed formation «Somalia» lost in the area of Avdeevka, about 40% of the personnel.

In addition, under Avdeevka eliminated the terrorist named Consul.

The OSCE mission: «silence» no, the militants took the «Hail» from places of storage

In the area of Avdeevka fighting continues. This confirms the report of Special monitoring mission of the OSCE on the information that was as of 19:30 Tuesday, February 7.

On 1 February, the contact group urged to comply with the «silence» between the Donetsk airport, Avdiyivka and Yasynuvata, until February 5 to withdraw weapons in accordance with the Minsk agreements.

On 7 February, in Kiev-controlled Avdiivka only 2 hours members of the patrol mission heard 49 artillery rounds, 24 explosion of uncertain origin, with many cross-queue from automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns.

In the Donetsk filter station for 5.5 hours, the observers heard 2 shots from a mortar clavier 82 mm, 5 explosions of uncertain origin, with many cross-queue and shots from large-caliber machine guns.

In Svetlodarsk on the night of February 7, observers heard explosions 199, 49 of them are rated as artillery rounds, 7 – as artillery rounds, 15 – as the artillery shells 138 of explosions of uncertain origin.

On Tuesday afternoon there was heard 120 explosions of uncertain origin and 12 shots from weapons of unknown type, and then another 20 artillery rounds, 40 rounds of krupnorazmernyh machine guns, multiple shots fired from artillery systems of unknown type and cross line of heavy machine guns.

To the East of the militant-controlled Yasynuvata (16 km from Donetsk), the SMM for an hour, heard 7 explosions of uncertain origin, as well as gunfire from a heavy machine gun.

In the center of Donetsk in the night of 7 February, the 35 observers heard explosions of uncertain origin. On mine «October» the SMM observed in 27 such explosion, 4 explosion in the air, and 24 of the projectile. On February 7, the camera recorded 32 explosion of uncertain origin.

In debaltseve, which is also controlled by the militants, on the night of February 7, observers 133 heard the explosion of uncertain origin.

The use of weapons recorded in Kurdyumivka, Kadievka, Severodonetsk, Chicoine, Novotroitsk and Trehizbenka.

In addition, the SMM recorded the violation of agreements on the withdrawal of weapons.

In uncontrolled Kiev areas outside the lines of the withdrawal of members of the patrol missions first noticed that one of the places for storage of the weapon is not used and there are no 6 self-propelled howitzers (2S1), and 4 reactive systems of volley fire «Hail» 122 mm caliber.

And in Kiev-controlled areas for the first time recorded outside of the withdrawal lines 8 self-propelled howitzers (2S3) and 6 buklirovannye howitzers (2A65 «Msta-B» 152 mm).

The SMM also noted the lack 20 self-propelled howitzers (2S3) and 7 buklirovannye howitzers (2A65; no 6 seen for the first time).

In uncontrolled Kiev areas recorded the movement of the T-64, standing in a. the estuary is 12 km from Lugansk, and 4 howitzer D-20 (152 mm) in the North-West to Bryanka. Bespilotnik SMM recorded 3 self-propelled howitzers «Gvozdika» (122 mm) near Aslanova 6 Feb.

Outside storage areas in government controlled areas recorded 3 T-72 tanks and heavy military Transporter on West from S. zaliznyans’ke (79 km from Donetsk).


24 Dec 2016 occupiers tore another agreement about the mode of silence in the Donbass. Before this several days of fierce fighting on the arc Svetlodarsk. Also forces ATO entered in Novoluganskoe, and installed a roadblock.

Dec 28, ATO forces repelled the attack of the hybrid Russian-occupation armed groups near the Cool Beam.

On 30 December the Ukrainian military repelled two attacks of the enemy near Popasnaya.

January 9, 2017 Ukraine’s Armed forces repelled an attack by saboteurs near Taramchuk.

The anti-terrorist operation zone: shelling continues in all directions 09.02.2017

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