The anthem of Canada can do gender neutral

A canadian member of Morell belange introduced to Federal Parliament a bill to make canadian anthem gender-neutral. In the English version of the anthem it is proposed to replace the word «sons» to the pronoun «us», reports UKRINFORM.

«So the anthem will be gender-neutral,» he said at the Parliament session belange.

It is interesting that the Deputy suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, presented its bill by voice generator that was the first such case in the history of the canadian parliamentary system. This incurable disease deprives people of the ability to control their muscles and belange already lost her voice.

Last year, he has already filed the same bill to Parliament, however at that time failed to get sufficient support.

Add that and the opposition and the government stood up to welcome the words of belange applause.

We will remind, in January the members of the House of Commons of the British Parliament supported the idea of creating official national anthem of England, having approved the corresponding bill in the first reading. Now the appearance of almost all sports competitions English teams vsebritanskuyu accompanied by the national anthem «God save the Queen!».

The anthem of Canada can do gender neutral 10.02.2016

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