The analyst Zolotarev: the Case of KRT Corporation explains why in Ukraine do not go investment

An open letter to the head of the Corporation Oleg KRT Milonga the Ukrainian media is a recent example where you can clearly explain why Ukraine is not going to invest, writes in Facebook Ukrainian political analyst and strategist, the head of the center «Third sector» Andrei Zolotarev.

He posted a link to a letter posted on the portals «ANTICOR» and Depo, in which Misong urged the Ukrainian media to adhere to the standards of objectivity in the preparation of materials related to the activities of commercial enterprises. He describes the situation of information request from «24 channel», which considers the order against the Corporation.

«24 channel» today released the plot-the investigation on the supply of MCT Corporation for «Ukrzaliznytsia», in which journalists claim that the state monopoly buys mounts for the rails only at this company, although the market there is an alternative. Missiong in the open letter stresses that public procurement data show that the share of fixtures in the total amount of purchases of «Ukrzaliznytsya» is a lower percentage, and the said journalists alternative supplier was kompromentirovat criminal cases.

«It is easy to believe in the political order, as beneficiaries of the said Corporation KRT are brothers Dubnevichi (Bogdan and Yaroslav Dubnevichi – the people’s deputies from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko. – «GORDON») – and has been for years trying to create a «toxic image», – says the analyst statement Milonga. – Business in Ukraine is now hostage to political games. Earlier too there were such trends, but now is a pattern. In the fall many predicted another round of war of compromising materials – and everything goes in accordance with that forecast.»

Zolotarev says that if a private business came in sight of specialists in black PR, the loss to reputation is inevitable.

«While we have not created any effective protection mechanisms: courts do not work, objectivity in the media is clearly not enough. But if we abstract from any such history, we see that in General this suffers from the reputation of Ukraine and its investment attractiveness. This is evident even in capital of Ukrainian origin. A significant part is deduced in the offshore companies in 2014-2015, that is, on the economy he is not working. Why? But because to put it here and now is a risk. Pay attention to your project – and down the drain. What can we say about foreign capital? It is not, because we still lawlessness prevails and there are no generally accepted rules of the game», – the expert believes.

The situation with Dubanevychi he calls political jeans.

«I am not against real investigative journalism, dissection schemes, and accusations of corruption. But there are criteria that such investigations comply with the evidence, the views of all parties, impartiality. So the question in this case is not about the investigation, but the banal, politically oriented jeans under them disguises and from which the business needs to be protected, as other unfair methods of competition», – said Zolotarev.

The analyst Zolotarev: the Case of KRT Corporation explains why in Ukraine do not go investment 19.09.2017

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