The analyst Sazonov about the Ukrainian coal Reserves are, mine are, shots are. But until we buy abroad, and our miners are starving

Ukraine buys imported coal, while miners continue hunger strike in protest against unpaid wages, and it – «wild situation,» said political analyst Kirill Sazonov in his blog on the website «the Censors.NO.»

«The sixth day starving Ukrainian miners in the Ministry of energy. Require salary. And we buy imported coal in dollars much more expensive. The formula «give my wife’s uncle, and he go to BL…di» in action. It’s like the free market, who fights the AMC. Who we then call smart? The miners of the state mines of the Association «SelidovUgol» are protesting in Kiev. Came to the Ministry of energy and went on a hunger strike. They are now sitting there – you can go and see. Why in a country where there is a lack of coal, the miners work instead of have to protest? Because the situation is wild. We have our own mines, its own coal, but we buy anthracite abroad. We buy real coal today is more expensive in Australia, South Africa and the USA. But first and foremost – in Russia. And even if not in Russia, just vacated on the market place for Russian coal. The global market for anthracite is not too large,» he wrote.

The analyst noted that the purchase of coal abroad deprives Ukrainian enterprises work, and hence reduces the contributions to the budget.

«We save on their mines and their miners, giving orders to foreign suppliers. We pay them in dollars, without getting any contributions to the Ukrainian budget, the Pension Fund and the wage Fund. Your miners starving – does require work. Nonsense? Of course. But this is pure truth. Ukraine buys anthracite on the global market and is too slow translates the blocks of thermal power plants in the Ukrainian coal brand «G». $2.2 billion bought in the last year of imported coal. More than half – Russian!» – said Sazonov.

Adopted last week at the Plenum of the trade Union of coal industry workers, the Manifesto calls on curators of the industry – Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik and Deputy Prime Minister-Minister Vladimir Kistion – to take concrete steps to get rid of dependence on anthracite, he recalled.

«The more that Question heads the interdepartmental working group on overcoming of crisis situations in the coal industry. But with overcoming of these crises until the case is sparse. And mites of Russian anthracite in the neck of the Ukrainian energy sector are compressed more and more. The problem is that some Ukrainian thermal power plants worked in the anthracite, which we lost after the occupation of Donbass. Their translation into Ukrainian coal brand «G» costs money and takes time. But it is an inevitable decision. Simply because when we will refund the Donbass, and they earn do mine – the question is very debatable. And gas coal we have now,» wrote Sazonov.

The author stressed that it is logical to invest in Ukrainian mines, to pay the miners a decent wage, to open a new longwall to increase production.

«Everything seems to be obvious. But not for the Antimonopoly Committee. There are investigating the feasibility of priority of the switching gas units at TPP over the anthracite. In General, the process of transition of Ukrainian thermal power plants from the anthracite coal gas is too slow. That is the Directive of the Cabinet there, but do it without haste. Because by itself, the Directive is not too strong an argument. Another thing – if you create the conditions on the market when working with anthracite coal will become economically unprofitable. That is the block coal of grade «A» included in the last turn. No matter what the price of electricity, but the units on the Russian coal run at the very least. And the «G» work in priority. That’s the motivation to work», – he suggested a way to promote the transition to coal gas.

Sazonov added that the priority for the Ukrainian coal – it is an opportunity for the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman to show what he can do for energy independence.

«This is not a problem but an opportunity. Including the ability to Natalika, Cistina and Groisman to show that the country has the power not only to speak about energy security, but also to do anything for this. Stocks are, mine are, shots are. Under normal financing, we will be able to quickly increase production of domestic coal. Giving people jobs, wages, receiving taxes and contributions to the pension Fund. And all in local currency, without the expense of currency for imports. A good prospect. But until we buy abroad, and our miners are starving. Give my wife’s uncle, and he go… well, you know,» – concluded the analyst.

Last year Ukraine increased foreign exchange expenditure on import of coal and anthracite 1.87 times compared with the year 2016 – to $2,744 billion, reported the UNIAN news Agency citing data from the State fiscal service.

February 19, the miners presented the Manifesto to rescue the coal industry of Ukraine. They demanded that the state payment of salaries, reduction of supplies of imported coal and the development of the private sector, translation of all TPPs with anthracite coal to Ukrainian and fixing on the legislative level, the advantages of Ukrainian coal to foreign. But the Union of workers of coal industry of Ukraine, the document was also signed by representatives and other trade Union organizations of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine. The document published in Facebook, the Chairman of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets.

On 16 February, Deputy Prime Minister-Minister Vladimir Kistion called on the Ministry of energy and coal industry, Ministry of Finance and the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to resolve the situation with debts on a salary to miners. On the meeting on the subject he reported in his Facebook.

February 14, in protest of the miners of the state enterprise «SelidovUgol» blocked the highway leading to Kurakhovo, Marinka and Krasnogorovka, they demanded payment of overdue wages and the creation of conditions for stable operation of the mine, the Agency said.

On 21 February the miners declared a hunger strike in the building of the Ministry of energy and coal industry, they require a repayment of wages, Volynets reported in the social network.

The analyst Sazonov about the Ukrainian coal Reserves are, mine are, shots are. But until we buy abroad, and our miners are starving 27.02.2018

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