The analyst said that in Trukhanov there is no crime, because the decision to purchase the building of the plant «region» was adopted by the city Council

To prove in court the guilt of the mayor Gennady Trukhanov not succeed, because in the indictment there is no crime, said the TV channel NewsOne, a political expert, the Director of consulting company «Party of power / RPGR Consulting» Elena Dyachenko.

«Why do these things have no prospects? Because the city Council, according to the law on local self-government is a collegial body which takes decisions by a majority vote of all factions, which are included in the city Council. So to accuse the mayor, a decision was made by city Council, is an unprovable thing. Because there is no crime that the head does not have such a responsibility,» explained Dyachenko.

According to investigators, Trukhanov involved in the scheme in damage to the local budget of Odessa. So, in September 2016 the Odessa city Council acquired the building of the plant «region» for 185 million UAH from the private structure, which in early 2016 bought it at auction organized by the liquidator of the company, over 11.5 million UAH. Received from the city funds, the firm-seller tried to list companies with signs of fictitiousness, according to NABU.

«The offence has a subjective side and an objective. The subject in this case is not the mayor, and city Council. But according to the current legislation, deputies are not responsible for their decisions. And if there is no main component of a crime is the subject, then why is this happening?» – said the analyst.

She is confident that with the help of the criminal proceedings and investigations in respect of other mayors of Kharkiv, Zaporozhye and Krivoy Rog – the government puts pressure on local government.

«Gennady Trukhanov is elected the Odessa. Also, the citizens have elected and the city Council. That is, they trust these people to solve the major livelihood issues of the city. This is democracy: the people delegate certain people the power to solve pressing problems. The local Council according to the law decides where to spend the money of citizens: to build a school or pave roads, to buy a house and so on. The current situation – a threat to the local government. With the help of far-fetched criminal cases the power of the will of the people attempts to level», – said the expert.

The political scientist believes that the trial against Trukhanov will last until the elections, as the ruling party thus preparing for the parliamentary race.

«They have big ambitions, but a very poor electoral prospects. But they have a mechanism of influence on local government – law enforcement agencies. Therefore, they thus enter into communication with representatives of local authorities and regional elites. Turns out, they are trying at that level of political culture to communicate with society. Use your access to law enforcement. To intimidate,» – says Dyachenko.

She believes that in Trukhanov there is an economic component.

«The budget of Odessa during the campaign for the establishment of local communities, and that large revenues from businesses and entrepreneurs, is quite a tidbit. Therefore, the criminal case in the language of spin doctors sounds like «statement in the negotiating position,» – said the analyst and added that the trial would be «long lasting» and in future will pass all instances in Ukraine and can go to international courts.


The analyst said that in Trukhanov there is no crime, because the decision to purchase the building of the plant «region» was adopted by the city Council 25.02.2018

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