The Amsterdam court has frozen the assets of «Metinvest» and DTEK

The court of Amsterdam in the framework of interim measures in a dispute about payment of shares of «Ukrtelecom» froze the shares registered in the Netherlands holding companies «Metinvest» and DTEK, reports Reuters.

According to the Agency, the Dutch court issued an interim order on freezing registered in the Netherlands, enterprises, Systems Capital Management (SCM) owned by Rinat Akhmetov, including Ukraine’s largest steel company «Metinvest» and the largest energy holding DTEK.

The decision was made in the procedure for execution of orders of the District court of Nicosia, which seized the assets Akhmetov for $820 million

By order of the court freeze all of the shares of SCM Management B. V., DTEK Management B. V., DTEK B. V., DTEK Grids B. V., Metinvest B. V., the Premium Household B. V.

The Nicosia district court 27 December 2017 decided to freeze the assets of Akhmetov in the amount of $820 million in the case of «Ukrtelecom». Nicosia court has also banned Ukrainian businessman to spend more than €20 thousand per month.

Representatives of the applicant, Raga Establishment, contend that in 2013 the company sold «Ukrtelecom» Akhmetov, who had to pay $860 million, but provided only an advance in the amount of $100 million, and then stopped payment.

January 8, SCM filed an appeal against the freezing of assets Akhmetov.

The Amsterdam court has frozen the assets of «Metinvest» and DTEK 10.01.2018

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