The American, who accused trump of harassment, filed against him in court

American summer, Servos, accusing the elected President of the United States Donald trump sexual harassment, filed a lawsuit on defamation, reports the Washington Post.

In October last year, the 41-year-old former member of the reality show trump’s «Candidate» has said publicly about sexual harassment by trump in 2007 in a hotel room Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. The billionaire has denied all charges, writes

American lawyer Gloria Allred has demanded a retraction. As it is not followed, a lawyer said that «time is out», reports USA Today. As explained by the lawyer, if trump refuses their statements, the case will be dismissed.

In the lawsuit, Servo claims that Donald trump has harmed her reputation that denies the allegations against him of sexual harassment, calling her and other women who made the same statements, liars. The woman demands to oblige trump to abandon the defamatory statements and apologize.

Servos, was one of the few women who last fall accused trump of sexual harassment. The billionaire has denied the charges, calling them lies. He promised to sue all the women who accused him of harassment.

In an interview with Fox News shortly before the election, trump said he was not going to apologize to women for something he never committed. During a speech in Greensboro (North Carolina), he suggested that women making such accusations against him are doing it for the sake of momentary fame or for money.

It is noteworthy that the lawsuit was filed just three days before the inauguration of trump, which will take place on January 20. On a question of journalists why Servos decided to act now, Gloria Allred, said that it was necessary lot of courage to claim it, «the most powerful man on the planet».

The American, who accused trump of harassment, filed against him in court 18.01.2017

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