The Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine: a March in Przemysl is a provocation, «in which there is a hand of the Kremlin»

The Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine Jan Pieklo believes marsh in Przemysl provocation, «in which there is a hand of the Kremlin». According to an UNIAN correspondent, he said this at a meeting of the press club «Diplomats without ties» in Kiev.

«Today the situation is such that Przemysl became a city of the provocation. The mechanism is the same as that of the Russian hybrid war. There is some demonstration and someone shouted: «Death to Ukrainians!», 10 minutes of shooting in social networks. And then of social networks it gets in the media. Effect such as like provocateurs. Everybody talks about it, and there is a problem of Ukrainian-Polish relations,» said Inferno.

At the same time, the Ambassador said, problems in the relations of poles and Ukrainians there.

«In Poland there are a million of Ukrainians who work or study, and no problems at all,» said Inferno.

He also believes that to provocations during the March in Przemysl involved in Moscow.

«Hand of the Kremlin is. My opinion is that for the Kremlin, for Putin’s Russia is not so easy to build a Pro-Kremlin lobby in Poland and Ukraine, especially after the annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbass. What can I do? The best thing is to embroil the poles and Ukrainians, and it’s easy to do through the history of memory,» said Inferno.

Jan Pieklo believes that the Polish film «Volyn» will not worsen Polish-Ukrainian relations.

«I don’t think this is some kind of threat to our relationship, the film as a film. You also have the movies was about that time, about the UPA. I think it’s okay,» he said.

He noted that the film «Volyn» is just a movie and does not reflect the historical truth.

«Volyn» is the film art, it is not a document, it is not historical truth. The problem is how we interpret it,» — said the Ambassador.

Inferno also added that he did not know about the reaction of poles to the movie and personally didn’t see it.

Note, the movie «Volyn» directed by Wojciech Starovskogo, who talks about the ethnic cleansing during the Second world war, which killed tens of thousands of people, has caused mixed reactions in Poland and Ukraine.

In particular, in October, the Polish Institute in Kiev, canceled a screening of the movie in the capital cinema «Kiev».

We will remind, in Przemysl on 10 December held a «March of Przemysl and Lviv Eaglets» («eagles» were called soldiers of the Polish-Ukrainian war in Galicia in 1920 on the Polish side). The organizers of the March were made by right-wing organizations «sapolsky youth», «National radical camp», an informal group of «Patriotic Przemysl», as well as the school culture Subcarpathian Voivodeship Cultural center in przemyśl.

When the column passed by the Ukrainian people’s house, one of the participants shouted in Polish: «Death to Ukrainians!»

Ambassador to Poland Andriy deshchitsa said that Ukraine needs to investigate the anti-Ukrainian incident during a March in Przemysl.

The Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine: a March in Przemysl is a provocation, «in which there is a hand of the Kremlin» 13.12.2016

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