The Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine full of geniuses, but not always for the good

Ukraine superhealing full of people, but unfortunately, their genius they are not always used for good. You must act decisively, because corruption in the country is still on the front page. About it the Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine Roman Vashchuk wrote in his column on the resource «New time».

«Ukraine superhealing full of people who, unfortunately, their genius is not always used for good. This is a country of talented academicians, mathematicians and IT professionals. But for ten days for some reason nobody can count the votes in local elections,» writes Vashchuk.

«Corruption remains on the front pages every day, and we must act decisively. Many people feel comfortable in the existing situation. And we’re not talking about ten people, and hundreds, and thousands, maybe even millions, who have long accepted corruption formula of existence, and the transition to fair and transparent position for all violate the comfort. So I understand why to change the situation very difficult,» he writes.

But, said Vashchuk, on account of the new Ukrainian authorities. Among them, he notes financial decentralization, strengthening of defenses, new structures to combat corruption.

«Overall, I see progress and changes for the better and I think this year the trend will increase. But to policy success and the other players must temper their passion and desire to constantly compete. They should focus on the reforms to which the Ukrainian people», — emphasizes Vashchuk.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Denmark Kristian Jensen said that the lack of reforms in Ukraine could undermine its support from the EU policy of sanctions against Russia.

The Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine full of geniuses, but not always for the good 25.02.2016

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