The alleged author of a report on the dirt on trump investigating Russia’s bid for 2018 world Cup

A former employee of the British intelligence MI6 Christopher Steele, which the press attributed the authorship of the report available to the Russian intelligence services the dirt on elected President of the USA of Donald trump, was previously employed by the bid Committee of England’s organization of the world championship on football in 2018, reports

Steele gathered information about the activities of the International football Federation (FIFA) and those countries which along with Britain have applied to host the 2018 world Cup. The main focus of its intelligence activities was Russia, which as a result has got the right to host the tournament.

He was recruited through the London-based private intelligence company Orbis, which together with another partner he founded in 2009.

«It is difficult to say whether there is a connection between the investigation of a former British spy and the ensuing few years, the largest corruption scandal in FIFA. However, it is known that he announced the results of its work in the Eurasian Department of the FBI,» the article notes.

It is noted that the work of Steele with information about corruption in international football has allowed to consider its report on the relationship of the tramp with Russia reliable.

According to British media reports, Steele had informed the FBI about the results of the investigation in respect of the elected President of the United States. The former intelligence agent hired to collect a dossier on trump his rivals in the Republican party. But during the investigation, Steele allegedly realized that the extracted information is so significant that it must transmit to the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States and former colleagues in intelligence. The British government allowed the FBI to communicate with Steele shortly before he transferred to the intelligence Agency collected files.

As previously reported, the FBI couldn’t confirm yet «important details» from the report on alleged Russian dirt on trump. It was reported that the investigation is continuing.

On the eve it became known that Steele hastily left his home in Surrey in the South of England. He left on Tuesday or Wednesday. Before leaving, he left his cat roommate, instructing him to look after him «a few days». Meanwhile, the media gets more and more information about a former intelligence officer, including his photo.

The day before the first big press conference the President elect of the United States, January 10, the American media reported on the document, which contains information about the presence of Russian security services of dirt on trump. Portal BuzzFeed has published a full copy of this 35-page «dossier», noting that it is composed of «a man who calls himself a former employee of British intelligence». And CNN reported that the existence of that report, American intelligence reported the outgoing President Barack Obama and his successor during a briefing on 6 January, is devoted to another issue of the cyber attacks from Russia.

The next day, during the press conference, trump said that there is no dirt on it, Russia can not be, and lashed out at the media that are publishing on this topic. BuzzFeed for publishing a dossier he called an «information dump».

A day later the head of US National intelligence James Clapper said that he had discussed with trump hit the press «file». During the conversation he told the elected President that the US intelligence services did not confirm the authenticity of these documents and do not make any conclusions on their basis. Trump, talking about the conversation with Clapper about compromising, said that the intelligence community recognized the «fiction» in the report the facts.

The alleged author of a report on the dirt on trump investigating Russia’s bid for 2018 world Cup 14.01.2017

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