The agrarian party got 121 parliamentary mandate in the elections 24 December – Skotsyk

More than 17% of the Agrarian party nominated candidates were elected deputies of local councils in the elections on Sunday, said at a press conference, the leader of the political force of Vitaliy Skotsyk. According to him, the party elected the MP 121.

«Thanks to the voters for their support and our team for a fair victory. We confidently took the first place in the Volyn region with 36.4%, in the Kherson region scored 31%, Vinnytsia region – 28,6%, in Kiev – 24,3%, in the Chernihiv region – 22%. We have equal support from East to West and from South to North. And a very important victory in the Kiev region, in the heart of Ukraine», – quotes Skotsyk, the press service of the party.

In the cities the level of support of the Agrarian party grew by 50%, he said.

«In the newly created urban communities agrarian party received 16,15% support, which once again confirms the uniformity of support in the villages and towns. We are the party of the people, for the people themselves are the people», – said the politician.

He added that the party did not use the administrative resource and dirty technologies, but against it these manipulations in elections was applied by opponents.

«In particular, in the Poltava region there were two cases when the ballots were not included in our candidates. In Ovidiopol of Odessa region voters of the 18th district has issued bulletins since the 17th. «Carousel» transportation of voters, interruption of electricity supply on the plots, bribery, and even the soldering of voters with vodka to such shameful methods used by our competitors. Observers from the Agrarian party recorded numerous violations, and the headquarters of the party continue to defend the election results,» he listed Skotsyk.

According to the estimates of party members, the turnout was more than 55%, which is more than in previous elections. The head of the Agrarian party is convinced that with elections in General relativity will start changes that will lead to the renewal of the country.

«According to all sociological surveys, the level of trust to local authorities is much higher than the Central government. The victory of the Agrarian party, which had left behind the majority of the parliamentary parties indicates fatigue of people from populism. People want to see the power of those who every day shows the real deal. Locally approved leaders who work and do not steal. It is a resource for the renewal of the country. It is from such people formed the policy of a new type capable of realizing a long-term strategy of development of Ukraine», – said Vitaly Skotsyk.

The agrarian party in the elections in the United communities (GRT) at the end of October took the third place among the 50 parties that took part in the campaign, 419 its candidates were elected. Then the party first put forward candidates in all the city’s GRT and got in the cities 10.7% of the votes. In local government employs more than 4 thousand deputies from the Agrarian party.

24 December, local elections were held on 391 polling station within the 51 territorial districts in 17 regions of Ukraine. The United territorial community was established in the framework of decentralization in all regions of Ukraine in March 2016.

The agrarian party got 121 parliamentary mandate in the elections 24 December – Skotsyk 25.12.2017

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