The administration trump wants to bring diplomacy to the sale of weapons – media

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is finalizing a new strategy of «Buy American» for the development of the military-industrial complex of the country. On 8 January, Reuters reported, citing sources in the White house.

According to the concept, American military attaches and diplomats to act as representatives of defense contractors. The embassies the United States will trust the promotion of different types of military products, from fighter jets and drones to ships and artillery, according to the material.

According to the Agency, in February, the US President, trump announced the «unified government» approach, which will facilitate the export of American weapons.

Additional proceeds from the sale of weapons could reduce the U.S. trade deficit and increase jobs for Americans. Both items were part of the campaign trump.

20 December 2017 edition of the Washington Post reported that the administration of the tramp for the first time has allowed the export of lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine. It was argued that commercial license approved by the U.S. state Department, involves the sale of sniper rifles, Barrett M107A1, ammunition and related accessories in the amount of $41.5 million

The US state Department said that Ukraine has bought a small number of these weapons within a few years both before and after the annexation of Crimea by Russia in spring 2014.

December 22, the TV channel ABC News referring to sources in the Department informed that trump will announce the approval they plan to sell anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, including anti-tank systems Javelin.

On 23 December the state Department announced that it will provide Ukraine with «enhanced defense capabilities». In a statement, the us administration noted that «Ukraine is a sovereign country and has the right to defend itself.»

3 January 2018, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the US weapons will be used in case of provocations from the Russian side, not offensively.

The administration trump wants to bring diplomacy to the sale of weapons – media 10.01.2018

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