The account «PrivatBank» was arrested at the suit of Surkis

The account «PrivatBank» in a number of Ukrainian banks were arrested, it follows from the decision of District administrative court of Kyiv on 18 Dec, which refused to lift the arrest. The decision was published in the Unified registry of court decisions.

In the lawsuit, the Bank representative asked to recognize illegal the imposition on 29 November the chief state performer of Department of enforcement, Department of state Executive service of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine of a number of of warrants of arrest of property of PrivatBank, as well as to remove the arrest from the accounts in the National Bank of Ukraine «Ukreximbank», «Raiffeisen Bank Aval», «Ukrsotsbank» «Citibank, «Express Bank», «Bank», «Marfin Bank», «Commercial investment Bank», «Settlement center for servicing contracts in financial markets», «Asvi Bank.»

LigaBusinessInform writes that the accounts were arrested on the claim of a family of businessmen Surkis.

In a press-service of «PrivatBank», the newspaper reported that the decision of the District administrative court of Kyiv filed a cassation. The financial institution noted that the Bank does not have any effect.

«This bill, which in the operating activities do not participate,» – said the press service.

27 Dec 2016 District administrative court of Kyiv has opened proceedings on the suit of the family of Surkis. The court asked Igor, Gregory, Rachel (father of Igor and Gregory), Marina (daughter of Igor), Svetlana (daughter of Gregory) Surkis and Paulina Kowalik (wife of Gregory). The family requested to cancel the decision of the NBU No. 105 of 13 December 2016, which they have been recognized as insiders of «PrivatBank».

On 17 may, the court ordered PrivatBank to return to the family of Surkis 1,048 billion, $of 266.2 thousand and €8 thousand.

Court records indicate that Igor Surkis on the Bank account was 151 million UAH, Grigory Surkis – 161 million UAH, Paulina Kowalik – 514,1 million UAH, Marina Surkis – 174,5 mln UAH, Romila Surkis, 44.8 million UAH. The court also ordered to pay $of 266.2 thousand and €8 thousand of interest on Deposit.

On 6 November the Kyiv administrative court of appeal upheld the decision of the court of first instance.

The account «PrivatBank» was arrested at the suit of Surkis 29.12.2017

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