Thank you: the Minister of justice of Romania resigned

The Minister of justice of Romania Florin Iordache resigned after mass protests in the country against the controversial decree with an opportunity for corrupt officials to avoid responsibility.

About it reports the edition Digi 24, reports «European true».

«I decided to resign from the post of Minister of justice. Thanks to everybody,» he said.

In addition, Iordache stated that all initiatives that promoted the Ministry under his leadership was «legal and constitutional».

On the eve of the Romanian Parliament did not support the censure motion Sorin Grindeanu.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis rebuked the government for what it does «too little» to overcome the crisis, which began in the country after the adoption of the controversial resolution on Amnesty of corrupt officials. However, he ruled out early elections in the country.

We will remind, the government of Romania on 5 February reversed the decision on amendments to the penal code and Amnesty for corrupt officials, which led to mass protests across the country.

The resolution provided for the decriminalization of acts of corruption and cases of abuse of power and malpractice if the damages do not exceed 200 thousand lei (47 $ 800).

The need for an Amnesty for certain categories of criminals in the government previously explained by prison overcrowding. The Minister of justice justified the need of the decision because it «will bring the legislation into conformity with the decisions of the constitutional court».

Thank you: the Minister of justice of Romania resigned 09.02.2017

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