Tesla showed the world the «eyes» of the autopilot

Tesla Motors released a video of the surrounding space that «sees» its electric car in autopilot mode. During the trip, the system recognizes hundreds of elements in the image: road markings and signs, traffic lights, pedestrians and other cars and even lubricated during motion background, UNIAN reports with reference to the edition of N+1.

All Tesla Motors are available with integrated equipment for autopilot from 19 October this year. The composition of this equipment consists of eight cameras with visibility up to 250 meters, 12 ultrasonic sensors positioned around the perimeter, and radar front review.

Tesla Motors claim that with this equipment the autopilot electric works reliably in any weather conditions. Cameras are used by the autopilot for «inspection» of the surrounding space. Information from the cameras is combined with point cloud transmitted radar and ultrasonic sensors. All combined data is processed by the autopilot.

How exactly does the algorithm for recognition and prioritization of detected objects, Tesla Motors did not disclose. In the published video, the double solid line on the road marked with a red, single line separating the lanes, and markings roadside stands purple. The objects in sight autopilot mark as blue rectangles, and those who are in the path of movement of the machine, the system marks green. Road signs are marked with purple rectangles autopilot. Finally, blurred in the motion of objects, the system marks the green touches.

Overall, as you can see from the video, the autopilot works yet with some flaws. In particular, the machine under the control of the autopilot pulled up in front of the two runners on the sidelines for some time was ahead of them. In addition, the car lost a few seconds, waiting for pedestrians approaching the road.

We will remind, at the end of actura this year, it was reported that Tesla started production of equipment for fully Autonomous driving.

Tesla showed the world the «eyes» of the autopilot 22.11.2016

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