Terrorist Givi killed in Donetsk

The unit commander of fighters of «Somalia» Mikhail Tolstoy, known by the nickname Givi killed in Donetsk. On 8 February announced the «operational command of DNR».

SBU about the death of «Givi»: need to check

«Today at 06:12 as a result of the terrorist act killed the Hero of the DNI, the commander of the battalion «Somalia» Mikhail Tolstoy Colonel, known as Givi,» – said in the message.

The militants consider it a continuation of the «terrorist war» and blaming «the Ukrainian security forces.»

At the scene works of «investigation team».

Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov has commented on the death of a terrorist: «the Morning starts with the good news. The terrorist strelkov-Girkin in Donetsk blown up the Cabinet of the commander of the assault battalion «Somalia» «Colonel «DNR» by Nikolai Tolstoy — the Callsign Givi. Waiting for official announcements and confirmations, I hope that the terrorist mired in murder and torture of civilians and prisoners, was at the office, and took off after his friend Motorola. Keeping fingers crossed for Givi, it would be the natural end of his career,» — said the journalist.

SBU about the death of «Givi»: need to check

The security Service of Ukraine does not confirm nor deny the information about the death of one of leaders of fighters of «DNR» with the Callsign Givi. This broadcast channel «112 Ukraine» said Advisor to the head of special services Yury tandit.

«We see on public channels information that indicates that terrorist act killed a citizen of Ukraine Mikhail Sergeyevich Tolstykh. I do not confirm this information, we should check it out,» said Tandem.

He recalled that the Ukrainian government is not yet in control of the temporarily occupied regions of Donetsk and Lugansk region.

«On the other side, where the power is in the hands of terrorists, information will be checked, we still do not allow comments… If the information is confirmed, it is obvious that continuation of certain processes. Obviously, fake «new Russia» did not continue, and perhaps people who were connected with it, is cleaning service. But this assumption,» said Tandem.

«In the near future the information should appear, we can only speculate. Obviously, there must be some statements from the self-proclaimed republics», – said the adviser to the Chairman of the SBU.

The speaker of the headquarters ATO Leonid Matyukhin also not officially confirmed the death of Tolstoy.

«Official confirmation of this yet, but, according to the analysis of the situation, it seems that he was killed», – said Matyuhin, adding that one should wait for official confirmation.

Note that on 1 February it was reported that Givi were injured in the fighting in the industrial area of the Town. Also according to the radio, illegal armed formation «Somalia» lost in the area of Avdeevka, about 40% of the personnel.

We will remind, recently swept by a series of «arrests» and strange deaths of terrorist leaders. So, earlier, January 27th, in Moscow has died the former leader of the terrorist organization «LNR» Valery Bolotov. The militants said that the death was from a heart attack. However, his widow believes that he was poisoned.

February 4, in Lugansk the explosion were killed, «head of the people’s militia a» terrorist organization «LNR» Oleg Anashchenko.

On 6 August, the leader of the «Enroute» Igor Carpenter survived an assassination attempt. His personal car was undermined by the unknown.

Earlier, 19 September 2016, in Moscow, the ruble was shot by the founder of the Pro-Russian separatist organization «Oplot» Evgeny Zhilin, which started its illegal activity «Dnrovets» Alexander Zakharchenko. And on the eve of this event, on September 18, it became known about the deadly «mushroom poisoning» that occurred with parents Plotnitskogo in Voronezh. Carpenter also declared wanted the former colleague Alexey Karjakin, who previously headed the so-called «Parliament «LC».

Then, on 21 September 2016, Carpenter said on the prevention of «another coup», after which, he said, in Lugansk and the surrounding area supposedly «had to stop the Ukrainian army». «Colleague» Zakharchenko Carpenter then commented that they have «something too rough prepared». Moreover, Zakharchenko confirmed that she had sent to help the Carpenter in connection with the «coup» illegal armed formation «Sparta», headed by the notorious Motorola, which later — on 16 October 2016 — blasted in the Elevator in Donetsk.

Later in September 2016, «mayor» of the red Beam (Lugansk region) Yuriy Kondratenko called «support the leadership of the people’s police in the fight against embezzlers Carpenter.» And before that, a battalion of fighters»Enroute» «Ghost» them. A. B. Brain» said about cleansing on the part of the leader of «LNR» Carpenter.

Terrorist Givi killed in Donetsk 08.02.2017

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