Teeth: Current mayor of Moscow authorities are interested in that elections passed quietly

Until the day of the municipal elections in Moscow remains 10 days, but in the Russian capital no guidance, where there are polling stations, no flyers of candidates. This was reported in Facebook by the Russian historian and opposition activist Andrei Zubov.

«I’m afraid that this is not a coincidence. The current mayor of the Moscow government is interested in that elections passed quietly, to the employees of the administrations and dependent people voted as they should, and that the municipal Assembly was formed his people who would not have controlled the administrations and the Moscow mayor’s office, and obediently accepted the will of the Executive power», – he said.

The opposition leader noted that the Executive power in Moscow takes not the will of the people, and the will of the mayor Sergey Sobyanin, who, in turn, executes the will of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

«The chain of command in action. Its results known to all Muscovites – in the sidewalks of the capital buried in two years 42 billion, 50 billion are now buried in the improvement of parks. If you think about which retirement living our elderly as provided medicine and education, our children and grandchildren across the country, will be disgusting for such expenses in a very poor society,» he said.

Zubov added that the capital’s residents are unable to return to Moscow, a government without the will of the State Duma, however, can form a municipal meeting so that they consisted of a strong and worthy people.

«Municipal meeting in Moscow, almost powerless, but the trust of voters will give power to MPs to fight for the truth. September 10, we are all Muscovites should come to the polls and vote… we must Vote for the candidate supported by the opposition government parties,» he concluded.


Teeth: Current mayor of Moscow authorities are interested in that elections passed quietly 31.08.2017

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