Team trump: CIA — Pompeo, Ministry of justice, Seasons DHS — Flynn

Elected President of the United States , Donald trump intends to appoint Republican Mike Pompeo head of the CIA, Senator Jeff Sedans the attorney General and retired General Michael Flynn of the national security adviser. As the message of the transitional administration, arrived on Friday, all three have accepted the offer trump, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Pompeo approved candidate to head the CIA, said he expects «to work together with the American soldiers of the intelligence, who every day are doing so much to protect Americans.»

The candidate for the post of Prosecutor General and head of the Ministry of Sedans, according to the report, also agreed with his appointment. «Enthusiastically share the vision of the elected President of the trump «one America,» as well as his commitment to equal justice under law,» said the future head of the Ministry of justice.

Flynn also pledged to serve the country and the elected President.

«It is with deep humility and honor to take the post of national security Advisor, to serve as our country and the next President Donald Trump» — are words in the message Flynn.

It is worth noting that Pompeo is a Congressman from Kansas. He is a graduate of the prestigious Military Academy at West point and holder of a doctorate in law from Harvard University. In Congress opposed the deal on the Iranian nuclear program and expressed concern of the growing ties between Moscow and Tehran, considering that they affect the national security of the United States.

Seasons — the Senator from Alabama and, according to media reports, is one of the most conservative politicians.

Flynn was previously head of the intelligence Agency of the Pentagon. From February 2016 was an Advisor to the presidential campaign of trump, although sympathetic to the Democrats. Several media outlets called him a key figure for a deal with Russia on Syria, as Flynn has repeatedly spoken about the need for such agreement.

As reported, the position of Secretary of state at the same time expect John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and MITT Romney.

Team trump: CIA — Pompeo, Ministry of justice, Seasons DHS — Flynn 19.11.2016

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