Team trump announced its program for the next four years

After the swearing in of the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump the White house has published the program of the new administration. According to the document, the priority of the new U.S. administration will be the destruction of the terrorist group «Islamic state» and this will require coalition action.

Trump warns the world about a new era in relations – media
The new head of the Pentagon’s plans to strengthen alliances with other States
The U.S. Senate approved John Kelly to the post of Minister of internal security of the United States

The United States also to develop a modern missile defense system to protect against missile threats from Iran and North Korea.

However, it is noted that the new US President intends to end the downsizing of the armed forces of the United States.

The new administration confirmed the seriousness of the threats to the cybersecurity of the country.

The program trump the planned US withdrawal from the TRANS-Pacific partnership and willingness to go if necessary, of much greater importance to the countries of the North American free trade area (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada.

«President trump intends to renegotiate NAFTA. If our partners refuse new talks, which will give American workers a fair deal, then the President shall notify about the intention of the United States to withdraw from NAFTA», − reports the presidential administration.

The new team intends to deport illegal immigrants with criminal records, and for «installation of barrier on the path of banditry, violence and drugs» confirms the intention to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

The administration trump wants to achieve energy independence from OPEC «and any country hostile to US interests». According to estimates of the new team, the country has a «pristine reserves» of 50 trillion dollars of shale oil and gas.

In addition, trump promises to create 25 million jobs and reduce the tax burden on ordinary Americans and small businesses.

«To put the economy back on track, President trump has developed a bold plan to create 25 million new jobs in the next decade and a return to 4% annual economic growth», — stated in the message on the upgraded website of the White house in section «Tasks».

In addition, the report said, the new U.S. administration intends to conduct a tax reform to «help American workers and businesses to save more dollars, hard-earned».

«The President’s plan would reduce the tax burden for Americans for each tax to simplify the tax code and reduce the corporate tax rate in the United States, which is the highest in the world,» the document says.

According to the announcement, trump plans to ease the barriers for small businesses in the United States as «only in 2015, Federal regulations cost U.S. economy more than 2 trillion dollars.» That is why trump will impose a moratorium on new Federal regulations, the document says.

As reported, January 20, trump took the oath of President in Washington and officially became President of the United States.

Trump warns the world about a new era in relations – media

Donald trump used his inaugural speech as a warning to Australia and other countries in the world about a new era in relations.

It is reported by The Аustralian.

According to the newspaper, the statement by Donald trump on the revision of existing alliances, trade agreements and military alliances, forcing Canberra to reflect on its future role in relations with the United States.

It is noted that even during the presidential campaign, trump has hinted to his closest allies: Japan, South Korea and European countries that they do not invest enough in the military sphere, and the United States can not single-handedly solve regional problems.

At the same time, the Australian media noted that despite the isolationist tone of the speech the new US President urged the world to jointly fight against terrorism.

Separately noted that Russia and China were not mentioned in the speech, and this gives reason to believe that the radical position of Donald trump in respect of the PRC has not changed, and this in turn can lead to a trade war with China, with serious implications for Australia.

Bad sign experts say the fact that Donald trump did not mention the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership.

Australian officials have not officially commented on the statements of the new President of the United States, although the former head of the Australian government Kevin Rudd, who currently works at the Institute of politics the Asia society in the United States, was called to give Trump the time.

«If everything goes bad, we (Australia) will go to plan «B». But I think we should try to give him a chance,» said Rudd.

According to the politician, the main threat to the security of Australia is the escalation of the nuclear program of North Korea, so Australia needs to be actively cooperate with China in this area. In this regard, the Green continent should be a diplomatic bridge between the US and China, and to prevent the escalation of relations between the latter.

In addition, says Rudd, the Australian government should make every effort to «save» the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership.

The new head of the Pentagon’s plans to strengthen alliances with other States

New Pentagon chief James Mattis promised to work hard to strengthen alliances with other States and to use wisely spent on defence funds.

The speech of the Minister of defense press service, «Interfax-Ukraine».

«Every action that we take will aim to ensure that our armed forces were ready to fight today and in the future. Given the fact that no country can be safe without friends, we work together with the Department of state to strengthen our unions,» said Mattis, speaking to his subordinates.

Mattis has promised to «try his best» as the head of the defense Ministry.

«We are committed to the need to extract full value from every dollar of taxpayers, spending on defense, thus achieving the confidence of Congress and the American people,» he said.

Earlier, the U.S. Senate approved the nomination of Mattis as the head of the Pentagon. Later, the President-elect signed a document allowing the Minister to take the oath.

Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer tweeted a photograph in which the Pentagon chief takes the oath before Vice-President Mike Pence.

The U.S. Senate approved John Kelly to the post of Minister of internal security of the United States

The candidacy of John Kelly to the post of Minister of internal security confirmed by the Senate on the first day of the presidency of Donald trump.

100 senators and 88 were «for», 11- «against». One representative of the upper house did not vote.

Kelly in 2012 he headed the southern command of the United States with the primary mission of preventing drug trafficking in South and Central America, as well as assist in the training of military personnel of Latin American and Caribbean countries.

14 Jan 2016 resigned, ending a 45-year-old military service.

7 Dec 2016 trump announced its intention to formally offer Kelly the job of Secretary of homeland security of the United States.

Team trump announced its program for the next four years 21.01.2017

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