Team Formula 1 «Williams» was not afraid to show off a new car

The team «Williams» to the surprise of many first in the peloton to show the public a bolid of the sample 2016.

Unlike Renault (which is the new model used last year’s «disc») and Red bull (which represented while only a livery), the team from grove has really demonstrated a new racing car, writes

From the point of view of the color design car FW38 remained almost unchanged in comparison with the predecessor – were all the same white background with blue and red stripes, related to a title sponsor, the company «Martini».

But in design there are some of those changes. First, it is noticeable that the heavily worked stable aerodynamic profile, in particular, the side pontoons decreased in size (but the ducts become larger and more rounded). In addition, the rear part of the machine, probably, also has become more compact, but on the images it shows are not too good. Slightly changed and nose cone.

Technical Director of the team Pat Symonds explained that in the first place, «Williams» tried to become better in those areas, in which much was lost to competitors last season:

«The FW37 car worked pretty efficiently, so we focused on work in the areas in which you could add without losing where the machine was effective. It’s no secret that the efficiency FW37 at low speeds was not as good as on high.»

This means that the English stables hopes to greatly increase speed on slow tracks. The founder of the team, Frank Williams, believes that this will help to engage in the fight with Ferrari and Mercedes.

Recall, six months ago Lewis Hamilton, who won the second title in a row the world championship in the last race, allowed his colleague a «Mercedes» Nico Rosberg to win the stage in Mexico.

Team Formula 1 «Williams» was not afraid to show off a new car 20.02.2016

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