Tbilisi aches for detained in Kiev Tsertsvadze and trying to prevent the extradition to Russia

The Georgian authorities are trying to avoid extradition from Ukraine to Russia of a former senior special forces of Georgia, Vice-Colonel Gia Tsertsvadze, who was detained in mid-January at the airport of Kiev.

This was announced by the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on defense and security Irakli Sesiashvili, writes «Georgia Online».

«All agree that a citizen of Georgia needs to be protected, and we are all rooting for this man to avoid his extradition. The difference between us and the opposition is that the opposition to this subject is speculating and throwing tantrums, while we should have common interests. Interest our power to save that person from extradition to Russia. And the interest of the opposition is excessive noise, to make it seem like they want Tsertsvadze has not been transferred to Russia and «Georgian dream» wants the opposite. This is wrong, unethical attitude towards colleagues. The government is doing everything to ensure that this person was not extradited to Russia,» — said Sesiashvili.

We will remind, the citizen of Georgia Gia Tsertsvadze was detained January 15, 2017 at the airport Juliani. He was declared internationally wanted in Russia on charges of murder and attempted murder committed in 2003 in the territory of Sochi. According to the decision of Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv, the detainee is under temporary arrest for 40 days. The defense appealed against this decision in Appeal court of Kiev.

In Ukraine has repeatedly raised the issue of the need to introduce a simplified system for granting citizenship or right of residence in Ukraine to foreigners who participated in the defense of the territorial integrity of the country, said, «the Censor.NO.» According to human rights activist of the Kharkiv human rights group Boris Zakharov,11 Russian volunteers who fought on Ukraine’s side in Donbas as part of the volunteer battalions, is now under arrest awaiting extradition to Russia.

The soldiers of «Georgian Legion» signed a contract and became part of the 25-th separate mechanized infantry battalion «Kievan Rus» in may 2016.

Tbilisi aches for detained in Kiev Tsertsvadze and trying to prevent the extradition to Russia 25.01.2017

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