Taiwan earthquake: under the rubble were hundreds of people there are dead

A powerful earthquake in Taiwan brought down at least 8 buildings, including a 17-storey residential high-rise in the city of Tainan. Severely damaged 10 homes. According to media reports, from the rubble extracted seven more victims, writes NEWSru.com.

Taiwan News reports that rescuers were evacuated from high-rise buildings 127. Rescue operation in full swing: dozens of people remain under blockages.

According to a representative of a fire Department Whether On a Mine, lived in the building about 60 families or 240 people. The actual consequences of a natural disaster to date, is extremely difficult to appraise: nearby buildings were also damaged.

The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.4, occurred early in the morning on Saturday, 6 February, has caused serious damage to at least five large buildings in the special municipality of Tainan in the South-West of the island, home to about 1.8 million inhabitants. The epicenter was 27 km from Pingtung County, located in the southwest part of the island, and the center lies at a depth of only 6.4 km. In the region recorded up to a dozen aftershocks with magnitude from 3.8 to 4.9.

The natural disasters led to the collapse of a 17-storey building in the area Yongkang. In the same area partially collapsed 16-storey building, inhabited by about 150 families. Severely damaged another 7-floor building, several other smaller buildings and a shopping complex.

One of the houses nearby had literally overhang the street at a very dangerous angle. However, local residents claim that what happened on the night of 6 February felt even worse than the disaster of 1999, which claimed the lives of 2.4 thousand people.

According to the BBC, from the rubble and ramshackle buildings have been rescued more than 220 people. Hospitalized more than 350 victims. British broadcaster celebrates the work of brave rescuers in rickety high-rise buildings.

To search for survivors, dogs were used, as well as acoustic equipment that can detect signs of life under the rubble.

On the South of the island stopped the movement of high-speed trains until such time as the experts will examine possible damage to the railway tracks.

The Chinese Committee of the red cross has allocated 2 million yuan ($306 thousand) for emergency assistance in the aftermath of the earthquake in Taiwan. He stated this in a statement posted on the website of the charitable organization.

«Immediately after receiving information about the disaster Chairman of the red cross Society of China , Chen Zhu immediately sent a telegram of condolence to the Taiwan red cross society, red cross Society of China has allocated the Taiwan red cross society 2 million yuan for emergency aid», — quotes TASS. A consignment of humanitarian aid and a rescue team ready to be shipped to the island.

The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe has promised any assistance that may be necessary in the aftermath of the earthquake. In the telegram, which he sent to the head of administration of Taiwan’s MA Ying-jeou, said: «I was saddened to learn of such devastation. I offer my deepest condolences. In this difficult time, Japan is willing to provide Taiwan any necessary assistance».

As noted, recent earthquake in Taiwan roughly the same power occurred in April of 2015, but then the epicenter of the earthquake was located much deeper underground.

The most devastating in Taiwan there was an earthquake with magnitude 7.6 in September 1999. Then killed more than 2,300 people.

Taiwan earthquake: under the rubble were hundreds of people there are dead 06.02.2016

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