Sytnik about Holodnitsky: More with that person are not going to work

The head of the National anti-corruption Bureau Sytnyk in an interview ZN.UA said that his office will no longer work with the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazarom Holodnenkim.

«We decided that more of this man are not going to work. Because the evidence of professional betrayals — it is not only our observations, suspicions, and conclusions. It is a dry factual material obtained through technical means, which confirms what we have been clear about it. If the consequence of it all close your eyes we will fight. We are used to,» said he.

Sytnik added that specific conversation on this topic with Holodnenkim.

«A very long time it became clear to me: we have completely different values,» he said.

Today Sytnik declared that wiretapping in the Cabinet of Holodnitsky recorded as he leaked information about impending searches and put pressure on officials.

First, the tapping of NABOO in the office of Golodnitsky reported «Ukrainian Pravda» on 21 March. Then the head of SAP said that it was a provocation, and assured that no one can force him to resign. And Sytnyk, commenting on the information media, said that «journalists write that fantasy novel just resting».

On March 24, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko has informed that the audition of the head of the SAP was authorized by the court. On March 26 the head of the PGO said that law enforcement officers are studying the materials of listening of the Cabinet of Holodnitsky.

March 29 Sytnik confirmed that the NAB is conducting an investigation in respect of Golodnitsky, noting that his Department cooperates with the General Prosecutor’s office.

30 Mar Holodnitsky did not come for questioning to the gpou. He had to take away the voice.

Lutsenko asked qualification and disciplinary Commission to consider the removal of the Holodnitsky from office.

Holodnitsky headed a new unit GPU is a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office – December 1, 2015.

Sytnik about Holodnitsky: More with that person are not going to work 30.03.2018

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