Sytnik about conversations with journalists «off the record»: don’t preach. No state secrets or secrets of the investigation

The Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Artem Sytnik said at a meeting of the parliamentary anti-corruption Committee on November 22 that did not disclose secrecy of the investigation during an interview «off the record», the correspondent of «GORDON».

«Indeed, I have repeatedly met with the journalists in the format of «off-records»… But never in any meetings with journalists, me personally, no violations of law has been committed,» said Sitnik.

According to him, he is ready to repeat all the information voiced on the record, not afraid to break the law.

Answering a question of the people’s Deputy Borislav Birch whether the records published on the Internet, an informal meeting of the Director of NABU journalists a fake, Sytnik said, «I’ve been relistening to all the interviews that I give».

«Do you have a question about what we are talking about the disclosure of secrets. That was never released. No state secrets or mysteries of the investigation. If in the course of the investigation, which leads the Prosecutor General’s office, will information, you are the first to know. But such data is not, so you will know about it,» said Sitnik.

November 15, the people’s Deputy from «popular front», member of the Collegium of the Ministry of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko drew attention of the members of the anti-corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada was published in the online audio recording where the man with the voice like the voice of rush, at the meeting, presumably, with journalists, read them the wiretapping materials of the wife of the former military Prosecutor of the forces of ATO Konstantin Kulik, who NABS suspected illicit enrichment.

November 17, the press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan reported that the PGO opened criminal proceedings concerning the disturbance at the request of the people’s Deputy from «popular front» Elena Masorini and civil wife Irina Kulik German.

Criminal proceedings opened under part 2 of article 163 (violating the secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations, Telegraph or other correspondence transmitted by means of communication or through a computer), part 1 of article 182 (violation of privacy), part 1 of article 328 (disclosure of state secrets), part 2 of article 387 (disclosure of pre-trial investigation or inquiry) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Sytnik about conversations with journalists «off the record»: don’t preach. No state secrets or secrets of the investigation 22.11.2017

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