Syrian opposition agree to a truce, if Russia will stop the air strikes — media

Syrian opposition agree to a truce for two or three weeks, if Russia will stop the airstrikes in Syria, writes with reference to the channel Al-Arabiya.

Later information confirmed by Reuters: simultaneous coordinated ceasefire by all parties is referred to as the main condition of the agreement.

According to the source Al-Arabiya, the term of this truce can be further renewed. The channel claims that a similar agreement will be supported by all parties except the group «Islamic state».

In addition, the Syrian opposition said that an important precondition for the conclusion of the armistice is the cessation of the siege, the settlements, the access of the population throughout the country to humanitarian aid, reports «Interfax».

The opposition also urged Damascus to return freedom to the prisoners, which it is very difficult to be behind bars. In particular, we are talking about women and children.

On 11 February, the members of the International support group Syria (MGPS) agreed during the week to ensure a ceasefire across Syria. The proposal from the very beginning thought difficult, and the truce could not be reached. While the UN was able to deliver humanitarian aid to besieged Syrian cities.

The representative of the opposition of the Higher Committee on negotiations Riyadh naasan yeah, yesterday said in an interview to «Interfax» that the opposition did not discuss a cessation of hostilities until the cessation of air strikes.

Previously members of the UN Security Council did not reach agreement on the draft Russian resolution, which contains the requirement to stop actions that undermine the sovereignty of Syria.

Syrian opposition agree to a truce, if Russia will stop the air strikes — media 20.02.2016

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