Syrian Kurds Turkey has threatened a «big war» with Russia. Hollande admits that she will be «indirect»

French President Francois Hollande believes that due to the participation of Turkey in the Syrian conflict there is a risk of war with the Russian Federation.

He stated this on Friday February 19 in an interview with radio France Inter, transfers «RBC-Ukraine».

«Turkey is involved in Syria… There exists the risk of war,» Hollande said Europe 1.

According to him, «perhaps it will be not direct but indirect war, when the planes will bomb the civilian population in the North of Syria». While Hollande did not specify whose planes he has in mind.

The French President also added that the international community must «do everything to prevent escalation of the conflict in Syria to find a political solution».

«The Turks should not appear where they should not be, and the Russians should not under the pretext of fighting terrorism to defend the regime of Bashar al-Assad and not to contribute to the negotiations», — said Hollande.

We will note, earlier the Syrian Kurds Turkey has threatened a «big war» with Russia. Thus, the head of mission of the Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow Rodi Osman said in an interview with Bloomberg that Russia has promised to protect the Kurds in Syria in the event of a ground operation Turkey, so this step of Ankara might lead to the «great war».

«Russia will respond in the event of an invasion. This applies not only to the Kurds, it will protect the territorial integrity of Syria,» — said Osman.

He also said that Russian military aircraft are supporting the Syrian Kurds, leading the offensive in Northern Syria in Aleppo province.

Earlier it was reported that Syrian rebels had received reinforcements in the form of at least 2,000 soldiers who arrived to him last week from Turkey. They should strengthen the protection of the Kurdish socialists of the city of Azaz and try to regain control of a humanitarian corridor in the direction of Aleppo. It is noted that this relocation has provided the Turkish armed forces «for a few nights secretly accompanied the rebels when they come out of the Syrian province of Idlib, has been moving for four hours through Turkey and back into Syria to strengthen the defense out of position».

Syrian Kurds Turkey has threatened a «big war» with Russia. Hollande admits that she will be «indirect» 20.02.2016

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