Syria holds parliamentary elections

In Syria April 13 elections to the people’s Council (Parliament) of the country. 250 seats in Parliament claimed more than 3,500 candidates from all Syrian provinces, reports news Agency SANA.

Polling stations opened at 7:00 a.m. local time and will run until 19:00. If necessary the work sites can be extended to 24:00, inclusive. The country will work over 7 thousand polling stations, said interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar.

Given the reality of the threat from terrorists, the authorities have taken increased security measures for the protection of selected voting areas in schools, universities and institutions. «Guards ensure safe and unhindered access of citizens to the ballot boxes and the free exercise of their constitutional rights,» said al-Shaar.

Elections to be held in 13 out of 15 provinces. With the exception of raqqa on the Euphrates and Idlib, which are under the control of the militants of terrorist groups «Islamic state» (IG) and «dzhebhat EN-Nusra». Refugees from these two regions will be given the opportunity to vote in polling stations at the place of their temporary residence.

Elections to the people’s Council of the Syrian Arab Republic will be held on a multiparty basis. In Damascus expect that the Parliament will significantly rejuvenate the voting results, notes TASS.

Parliamentary elections will be held amid talks in Geneva on the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis. Their next round will begin on April 13.

The national coordination Committee (NCC) is the leading opposition faction inside Syria — announced the boycott of the elections. Its Chairman Hassan Abdel Azim said that the decision on their carrying out at the moment, «a wrong step».

Syria holds parliamentary elections 13.04.2016

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