Switzerland has officially confirmed a criminal case against Martynenko

The Swiss attorney General’s office since 2013 investigating a criminal case against the Deputy from «Popular front», the Chairman of the energy Committee of the Council and colleague Premier Yatseniuk Mykola Martynenko. About this in his blog on «Ukrainian truth» wrote the MP from the PPO Sergey Leshchenko, adding a screenshot of the letter with the answer of the Swiss state office of public Prosecutor.

«The attorney General’s office of Switzerland, since 2013, is conducting a criminal investigation against Ukrainian citizen Mykola Martynenko, on suspicion of «bribery» (article 322-part 2 septies of the Swiss Penal code) and «money laundering» (article 305 bis of the Swiss Penal code)», – is told in the message.

Also, the Ministry added that it had reported to the Ukrainian authorities and asked for assistance in the investigation.

Leshchenko also cited the relevant articles of the Swiss penal code, according to which Martynenko could face up to 5 years in prison and significant fines.

The Deputy also recalled that in 2000 the same article 305-bis were sentenced former Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko – he received a sentence of 1.5 years imprisonment, a fine of more than 10 million francs, as well as a resolution on the destruction of his Panamanian passport.

Leshchenko recalled that Switzerland had appealed to Ukraine on business Martynenko 31 March 2015 and, in particular, were asked to conduct searches and interrogations.

«One of the persons of interest to Swiss law enforcement, is the Director of subsidiary «Atomkomplekt» in the «Energoatom» Valery Vasilkov, in the past – the employee of the company Mykola Martynenko , David Zhvaniya, reports «Brinkford», – he added.

In addition, according to him, though Martynenko and publicly denies the existence of this case, he hired the Swiss lawyer Hans-Peter Shaad.

In this regard, Leshchenko addressed to the speaker Volodymyr Groisman to remove Martynenko from the leadership of the Committee on fuel and energy complex, nuclear policy and nuclear safety. He also demanded to bring against Martynenko criminal case.

«The lack of response from the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina within the next 10 days will be for me the reason to sign the draft resolution on dismissal from the post of Prosecutor General», – he added.

As it is known, the presence of the case against Martynenko, the Swiss Prosecutor General confirmed the influential American edition Buzzfeed.

Martynenko is suspected of receiving a bribe of 30 million francs from the Czech company Skoda JS for assistance in building a nuclear power station.

The money was blocked on Bank accounts in Switzerland Hottinger. There the management of the financial institutions noticed a suspicious transaction and complained to the police.

Himself Martynenko the presence of this case and denies claims that his attempt to discredit.

Switzerland has officially confirmed a criminal case against Martynenko 23.10.2015

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