Sweden will not prevent the Russians to lease the Harbor to the «Nord stream-2»

The Swedish government has stated that it will not hamper the port town of Karlshamn to take Russia to lease part of the harbour that will facilitate the construction of «Nord stream-2», reports Euobserver.

The Minister of defence of Sweden Peter Hultqvist opposes the construction of the pipeline as it threatens the security of the country. However, the Swedish government lacks the powers to prevent the town Karlshamn in the South to enact his plans.

Local Council Karlshamn on Tuesday is likely to support the decision to lease part of the harbour.

Hultquist on Monday reiterated that he still opposes the construction of «Nord stream-2».

«I have already said that «Nord stream-2″ affects our government and armed forces, and that this has a negative impact on Sweden. This opinion remains, and we have adopted a number of measures to ensure security,» he said.

Measures include the strengthening of the coast guard, armed forces and customs, as well as more stringent oversight of the strategic Baltic port, which is located 50 km from the main base of the Navy of Sweden Karlskrona.

Recall, the Russian Federation wanted to rent a harbour on the Swedish island of Gotland, but in December it was local authorities decided to refuse «Gazprom», and for all urban councils in the country have started to distribute manuals on the subject of preparation for war.

At the same time, the Swedish Armed Forces have announced their intention to reopen on the island of antiship missile launchers.

On 14 November the Supreme commander of Sweden gave the order permanent bases and 150 soldiers on the island of Gotland.

It is worth noting that in the sky over Gotland Swedes also intercepted two Russian nuclear bombers.

Sweden will not prevent the Russians to lease the Harbor to the «Nord stream-2» 31.01.2017

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