Sweden awaits the invasion of Russia within «several years» of full combat readiness, peacekeeping operations, reduced

On the Baltic sea and the far North continues to aristocat Russian threat to the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Sweden. This was stated by the commander of land forces of the Swedish army, major General Anders Brannstrom. In his opinion, Russia could attack Sweden within the next «several years», reports Newsader with reference to specialized military expert Defense News portal.

In an internal military document sent to officers and soldiers while visiting the conference «Markstrids» (land of war) in the city of Boden, the commander States: changes in the security landscape after the Cold war will require Sweden to the reduction in international missions for new priorities — improve combat readiness and strengthening national defence in connection with the threat of a Russian attack.

«Analyzing the current situation, we came to the conclusion, reflected in the strategic decisions of our country: we may be at war within the next few years. And we all – all who serve in the armed forces, must implement the decisions of our political leadership and to intensify, to increase, to gather maximum military potential,» as written in the Directive Branstrom.

His opinion plays a strategic assessment of political leaders of Sweden, the Chairman of the defence Committee in the Swedish Parliament Allan widman.

«In my personal opinion, the current situation is so serious that even Sweden, more than two hundred years have not known war, should be aware of the scale of the threat and prepare for a possible regional military conflict into which we may be involved,» said widman.

The development of the situation in Ukraine and Georgia in combination with low oil prices and the fall in the national economy might provoke the Kremlin mode for even more aggressive action, I’m sure widman.

«The time will come (and sooner or later will happen), when Putin will be in a stalemate. The main question is what he will answer. Maybe he will resign and leave Crimea, and will possibly take other steps. Given Putin’s «track record», Sweden should prepare for the second option,» says widman.

The warning was voiced by Brainstream almost simultaneously with the statement of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, otvetivshim in its recent annual report, the fact of working out of the Russian aviation nuclear attack on key Swedish defense facilities in March 2013. According to him, feigning an attack was carried out by bombers Tu-22M3 undercover su-27.

The simulation of a nuclear attack on Sweden in March of 2013 fit into the larger picture of war games, held continuously by the Kremlin to frighten neighbors as members of NATO and neutral countries around the Baltic sea, said widman.

The report simulated a NATO attack, launched almost from the border of the airspace of Sweden, is considered in the General context of increased Russian military presence in the region. «The intensity of Russian military manoeuvres and exercises have reached levels not seen since the apogee of the Cold war. In the last three years Russia has conducted at least 18 «sudden» full-scale exercises, some of which involved more than 100,000 troops,» said NATO in its annual report.

According to the Alliance, contingent attack of Russia against NATO countries and Sweden are often used by the Kremlin to disguise mass movement of military forces – so it was in February 2014 before the occupation of Crimea by Russia.

In his statement regarding the recognition of the fact of NATO nuclear «attack» the Minister of defence of Sweden Peter Hultkvist said: the government continues to develop measures in connection with the build-up of Russia and its actions — as in the Baltic region and in countries distant from Sweden. «In the years that followed the annexation of Crimea and the beginning of the aggression against Ukraine, we see that the situation continues to deteriorate, Russia’s behavior has become more provocative. Frequent exercises, and intensify efforts to collect classified information,» said Hultkvist.

To strengthen national defense, Sweden intends to increase spending on advanced weapons and increase the combat readiness, simultaneously entering into new bilateral strategic agreement with the European Union, NATO and the countries of Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

According to Swedish intelligence, «attack» March 2013 had a specific goal: the Stockholm General Directorate of National electronic intelligence service (led by her center is responsible for the system of prior notification). Another likely target was the base of the Swedish air force Hagshult, located to the South of the capital, in the province of småland.

Russian forces, conducted conditional «attack» consisted of four strategic bombers Tu-22M3 (NATO codification: Backfire C («Return fire C»), covered by two su-27 fighter jets (NATO codification: Flanker).

The authors of the material, the Russian «war games» — including contingent attack 2013 — identified a lack of funding and low combat readiness of the Armed forces of Sweden: they failed to raise the alarm fighters «Gripen» to intercept over the Baltic sea to the country of the approaching Russian aircraft. In the end, the Danish F-16, rising from the base of the Mission of NATO’s air patrols of the Baltic States in Siauliai (Lithuania), started chasing the Tu-22M3 and su-27 and forced them to return to Russian airspace.

In response to a simulated «attack» by the Swedish management has promised to allocate additional funding for rebuilding the defence capabilities of the country. As a result more than 2.1 billion US dollars will be invested in raising the combat readiness and strengthening the defence in 2016-2020.

At the January conference on defense and security chief of the armed forces of Sweden Mikael Boden outlined the scenario of potential attacks. The meeting was held in the town the doorstep of this sälen, and it was attended by high-ranking Swedish politicians, the military and Industrialists. «We must realize that we are in a constant counter-efforts of the Russian intelligence-gathering secret data about our country. We also understand that our region — the Baltic countries and increasingly the Arctic is a zone of confrontation between Russia and the West,» said Buden.

The budget increase will allow the armed forces of Sweden to modernize the aviation, surface and submarine fleet. Moreover, the activity of the Swedish army on the Baltic sea in 2015 has increased by 50%. Military began to re-strengthen the defense of Gotland, one of the most southern Swedish Islands in the Baltic sea.

In the armed forces hope that the defense spending will increase to 3% of GDP (the level 1975). The current level of 1.5% (2015).

As previously reported, in the Baltic region, besides Gotland Russian side in recent years more and more interested in the åland Islands and essentially Russian-speaking Latvia. In particular, control over the Ålands will allow the Russian Federation to close the entire water basin and airspace of the Baltic sea, analysts say the Finnish foreign Ministry. Now this sparsely populated archipelago has the status of a demilitarized and neutral autonomy of Finland, and until the Second world war it belonged to the USSR.

In the event of war with Russia the Finns are already preparing 900 thousand reservists.

Sweden awaits the invasion of Russia within «several years» of full combat readiness, peacekeeping operations, reduced 10.02.2016

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