Svorak spoke about torture in captivity «Enroute» and are willing to take a polygraph in the SBU

Olga Svorak, which were released from captivity of militants of the group «LNR», claims to have been tortured. In addition, the terrorists took and did not return her passport, identity card, phone and laptop, but the suitcase with the clothes weren’t interested.

This Svork reported in Ivano-Frankivsk on a press-conferences, answering a question about how she managed to come back from captivity with a suitcase, reports «UKRINFORM».

«What’s with the bruises? Because every day for 7-9 hours I was interrogated. With a bag on my head was brought up from the basement for questioning and a bag on his head. On the methods of torture I hate to remember. Regarding my stuff. My important stuff in there now — but it’s a laptop, phone, passport of citizen of Ukraine, certificate. Personal belongings were given to me. They were not interested. I’m a woman, and wasn’t there a prisoner of war. Even the «LNR» don’t need my female dress,» — said Sorak.

She claims she was not only in Lugansk SIZO and in the basement «MGB LC», where the video was shot. Torture, he says, suffered because her phone sounded Ukrainian music and had a t-shirt with the emblem of Ukraine.

According to her, the territory occupied by militants»Lnrovtsami» she got in the spring with a mission – to help people who are on the demarcation line. To trusted her, she came up with «the legend about love». This «legend» says, is in the famous photo. Later, according to Sorak, the man and handed it to the secret service «LNR».

Svorak says — it is not related to any political games and did not know that it involved the release of Hope Savchenko.

«On the 26th of December I was taken from the Lugansk SIZO. Freed me — or rather, gave Ruban, 27 Dec. Who sets me free, I didn’t know. Of course, I am grateful to Savchenko, she was involved in this. However, any political battles or games I don’t have a relationship,» said Sorak.

«About the release I didn’t know. I was driving as much as me and drove with a bag over his head and handcuffs. When I arrived, I realized that I had become a puppet in political games, which I never realized. I was in a big information vacuum. To avoid any doubt that I did something wrong, give my consent to the passing of the polygraph in the SBU. I was working in favor of Ukraine», — says Sverak.

Note that the release of Svorak sparked debate among journalists in Ivano-Frankivsk. Media representatives were outraged that Svorak «she went to Lugansk to his favorite Thriller and now complains that there is «not a resort». In edition «the Voice-info», where Svorak worked as a freelance correspondent, assured that he had not given her any of the drafting job on the territory of Luhansk region.

We will remind, the Ukrainian side has sent 15 people from the list of fighters in the hope that Russia will unblock the process of liberation 58 of Ukrainian hostages seized in the uncontrolled territories. Militants»DNR members» first said that in response to the transmission of Kiev 15 prisoners nobody will give, however, later changed his mind and 27 December 2016 released two captured women, Angelica Presnyakov and Olga, Svorak — as stated by the heads of groups «D/LC» for Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko (for example, 23 Dec member, humanitarian sub-group of the Trilateral contact group Irina Gerashchenko said that the consideration of the question of liberation of hostages by militants was foiled again).

27 Dec 2016 representatives of groups «DNR» and «LNR» declared that for two people ready to return to Ukraine 47 hostages in exchange for 690 terrorism suspects citizens. Meanwhile, Savchenko stated that they agreed with the militants on the exchange of detainees 226 52 the Ukrainian prisoners.

Svorak spoke about torture in captivity «Enroute» and are willing to take a polygraph in the SBU 11.01.2017

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