Svoboda Levchenko admitted that until 2008 was a citizen of Russia

The extra fractional people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, member of the political Council of the party «Freedom» Yuri Levchenko was a citizen of Russia. He reported about it on October 10 in Facebook.

Levchenko said that he was born in Vinnytsia, but his father, a sea captain, moved the family to Moscow, having received a position in the office of the Ministry of marine fleet of the USSR. Apartment in Moscow the parents of MP acquired in 1987.

After the collapse of the Union of the father Levchenko finds a job in Cyprus.

«From now on, we leave Moscow and never do not live there», – said the MP.

Parents Levchenko after some time returned from Cyprus to Vinnitsa.

«When I turn 16 years old, I inscribed in the passport of mother with the Cyprus residence permit, and our only residence at that time in Moscow. Their homes have families in Ukraine. So the parents decide to I temporarily, at the time of study, received a Russian passport. Solely for practical reasons – to quickly obtain a passport, which is needed to continue my studies abroad,» he said.

The future’s Deputy finished an English school in Cyprus (in 2002), London school of Economics and political science(in 2005) and the Magdeburg University named after Otto von Guericke (in 2007).

«At the age of 23 years, I returned to Ukraine and immediately start the process of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship and exit from the Russian. Date of exit from the Russian citizenship – may 6, 2008,» – said Levchenko.

He said that in October 2008 joined the all-Ukrainian Union «Freedom» and «found there true friends and his beloved wife».

«None of the above I never hid,» – said Levchenko.

Svoboda Levchenko admitted that until 2008 was a citizen of Russia 13.10.2017

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