Surkis intends again to head FFU – media

Vice-President of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) Grigoriy Surkis intends again to lead the football Federation of Ukraine, as it became known the source of «Champion».

According to the source, this information was announced at the event on the occasion of the birthday of businessman Dmytro Firtash in Vienna, Austria, where among the guests were Grigory Surkis and his brother Ihor Surkis, the owner of Kiev «Dynamo».

The interlocutor of the edition told that the Surkis are going to arrange «attack» in the media to the curator of the Ukrainian football referees in UEFA Pierluigi Collina to send the Italian to resign and return of Grigory Surkis for the leadership of the FFU against the background of scandals in Ukrainian football and the loss of reputation of the FFU.

The source also said another possible scenario is the return of Surkis to the leadership of the Ukrainian football: at the Congress of FFU first Vice-President Alexander Bandurko be dismissed, and this is where one of the members of the FFU will nominate Surkis.

Congress FFU, which will be the re-election of the President of the FFU will take place on 16 June, said «champion».

The Union of European football associations was re-elected Surkis, Vice-President of UEFA on 17 April 2017. Surkis has held this position since 2013,

From 2000 to 2012 Surkis has headed the football Federation of Ukraine.

Surkis intends again to head FFU – media 06.07.2017

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