Suprun: the budget includes 150 million UAH for free cardiac centres throughout Ukraine

In the 2017 budget further laid 150 million UAH for procurement of an angiography equipment for the creation of a network of cardiac centres in Ukraine.

This was stated by the acting Minister of health Suprun at the Cabinet meeting on January 18, reports «Ukrainian truth».

Groisman supported Suprun, but encouraged to listen to criticism

According to Suprun, if the centers of the earn, the Ukrainians will be able to cardiac care and stenting for free.

«When the state budget was the purchase of Ukrainian pharmaceutical organizations, was purchased 7179 stents. Through international organizations is planned to purchase more than 10,000 stents,., t to save additional 3,000 lives of Ukrainians,» said Suprun.

In addition, the Agency implements the program of reimbursement to drugs were available for Ukrainians. The Ministry of health also works with foreign companies to review and reduce prices for medicines, VAT reduced to 2.5%.

«The criticisms raised against our work is good. We were able to review our program, to check whether we are doing the right thing. When there are bugs we should fix them. Together we can win the war against corruption that the Ukrainian citizens had access to affordable drugs,» said Suprun.

In may of 2016 Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, voicing the priorities of the Cabinet, said that the Parliament should adopt a quality law that would allow medicines that are registered in countries with strong regulatory authorities and implemented on the territory of these countries to freely enter the Ukrainian market.

The Prime Minister cited statistics according to which annually from cardiovascular diseases in Ukraine kills more than 426 thousand people.

Earlier the General Director of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, main kardiohirurg of the Ministry of health of Ukraine Professor Boris Todurov reported that during 2016, according to the medical statistics in Ukraine is 50 thousand heart attacks and more than 100 thousand strokes.

Groisman supported Suprun, but encouraged to listen to criticism

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman in favour of dialogue and constructive in the work of the Ministry of health.

«Today there is a lot of discussion around the work of the Ministry of health. In these discussions, I am deeply convinced, it is necessary to find the understanding that will give the opportunity to feel and the patients who come to hospitals, that hospitals have become more secured, and the system is changing and becoming more friendly to the patient. Instead of trying to return the Ministry of health in the past, which was dominated by corruption and greed», – said Groisman.

The Prime Minister said that «will not allow anyone to return old schemes in the health care system.»

According to Groisman, the team of the Ministry of health, headed by the acting Minister Ulyana Suprun is absolutely not corrupt and that not everyone likes.

«However, I understand that many of those who criticize the Ministry of health, and have good intentions. I would like to ask the Ministry of health to establish communication with them, to listen and to solve the existing problems», – said the Prime Minister.

For this purpose, according to the Prime Minister, to «focus on, not in strife and Affairs.»

Groisman noted that before the Ministry of health is the primary task to provide «fair drug prices».

In addition, the Prime Minister said that from April 1 chronic patients who need continuous support of medications must obtain these medications for free.

The Prime Minister said that the government these funds are budgeted, and the mechanism should work from 1 April 2017.

Suprun: the budget includes 150 million UAH for free cardiac centres throughout Ukraine 18.01.2017

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