Suprun asks Ukrainians in the bitter cold to stay long on the street to avoid frostbite

Acting Minister of health Suprun warned Ukrainians that a long stay outside in the bitter cold can cause frostbite. The Chairman of the Ministry of health wrote on his page in Facebook.

«Soon Ukraine will cover severe frosts. According to the meteorologist, on Christmas day the temperature will drop to -26 degrees. Dress warmly and are careful about their own health!» she said.

Suprun has called on Ukrainians to be careful while walking on frosty days.

«A long stay in the street in frosty days can cause frostbite! There are some simple signs that help to recognize frostbite: white or grayish-yellow skin area; partial or complete loss of sensation; unusual skin feeling», she said and added that in case of detection of signs of frostbite should seek medical help.

In Kiev rescue service has deployed 51 fixed point heating in 9 districts. About it reports a press-service of head Department gschs in Kiev.

It is noted that the deployment of a network of points heating is carried out by decision of the permanent Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations of the Kyiv city state administration in connection with the expected sharp cold.

So, for 4 points of heating will operate in the crypt, golosievskyi and Darnitskiy areas; 7 — in the Desna and Podolsky; 11 — in the Dnieper and 3 in Obolon; 8 — in svjatoshynskyi and 2 — in the Shevchenko district. There will be 6 mobile stations for hot food.

In points of heating visitors can not only keep warm but also to obtain first aid, drink hot tea, the report said.

With addresses and work schedule of items can be found on the link.

As reported, in Ukraine Christmas comes the 20-degree frosts. In particular, according to forecasts Ukrgidromettsentra, January 6-7 night 13-19 grams, sometimes up to 20 to 26 grams of frost to grams 11-17 frost. On 8-9 January, the cold weather in Ukraine will continue.

Suprun asks Ukrainians in the bitter cold to stay long on the street to avoid frostbite 04.01.2017

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