Supporters of independence of Catalonia can save an absolute majority in the local Parliament — exit poll

Party advocating for the secession of Catalonia from Spain, can maintain an absolute majority in the regional Parliament (Generalitat), on the basis of early elections, evidenced by the exit poll company GAD3, conducted for the newspaper La Vanguardia.

It is noted that the turnout reached a record 84%.

According to the exit poll, the most votes will receive a center-left party «Civic party» (34-37 seats).

Despite this, the unit Pro-independence parties can save most, having 67-71 place out of 135. It is predicted that «Republican Left of Catalonia» (22,5% of the votes; 34-36 seats) will take the second place, the party «Together for Catalonia» the former head of the Generalitat de Carles Pokdemon (19% of the vote, 28-29) – the third, and «the Candidacy of national unity» (5%, 5-6 votes) – sixth.

Unionists – the Civil party and the socialist party of Catalonia (15%, 16 to 20 persons) – get from 55 to 62 seats, according to the exit poll.

The government of Catalonia declared that October 1 is the referendum, the secession of the region from Spain supported 90,18% of participants of plebiscite. Voter turnout was 43%. In clashes with security forces who blocked part of polling stations were affected 893 people.

On 27 October, the Catalan Parliament adopted a resolution which declares independence from Spain.

28 Oct Madrid deprived Catalonia autonomy and took responsibility for the management of the region.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that the Catalan Parliament dissolved, new elections are scheduled for December 21. He also terminated the powers of the government of Catalonia and the head of Carles Pokdemon.

Dismissed the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia on 28 October said that does not agree with the decision of the authorities of Madrid to send him into retirement, and called for «democratic opposition». Pujdeme went to Belgium, where he said that the Spanish court has no grounds for accusations of members of his Cabinet in a coup attempt, and added that he will stay in Brussels until then, until it receives guarantees «a fair trial».

November 25 Pujdeme from Brussels announced the start of his election campaign.

Supporters of independence of Catalonia can save an absolute majority in the local Parliament — exit poll 22.12.2017

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