Support for a peaceful solution to the conflict with the Kurds in Turkey arrested scientists

Turkish police detained three scientific staff members, who spoke against military operation in Southeast Turkey. In those areas of the country predominantly populated by Kurds.

It is reported «Crimea. Realities».

Among the detainees – the British scientist and programmer Chris Stephenson.

The reason for his arrest was the speech at the University of Istanbul, during which he extended invitations to the spring holiday Navruz. Also, scientists have repeatedly called for an end to repression of his colleagues who supported the project «Initiative the academics for peace».

We will remind, the Turkish authorities accused the «workers party of Kurdistan» («PKK»//RCMS) in the organization of the incident on 13 March in Ankara terrorist attack, which killed 37 persons, despite the fact that the responsibility for the attack has claimed no organization.

The next day Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for a shift in existing criminal laws so that the responsibility for «terrorism» was distributed to journalists and social activists. «No matter who actually detonated the bomb, who pulled the trigger, for those actions are those who sympathize with and support, and they should be considered complicit,» said he.

The European Union also regards the organization of «Kurdistan workers party» as a terrorist and oppose its separatist activities.


$ 20 million Kurdish people constitute a quarter of Turkey’s population.

One of the few Nations of the modern world, still do not have their own state.

Kurdish rebels operate in North Mesopotamia of the Tigris and Euphrates at the border with Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

The Kurds profess moderate Islam, most of them consider themselves supporters of the ideas of socialism or social democracy of the European sample.

Their units, like most Syrian Sunnis, simultaneously at war with both the Assad regime and Islamic state. In Turkey they use the tactics of terrorist attacks on police stations and convoys.

October 13 Turkey warned the White house and the Kremlin that they will not allow Kurdish territorial grabs under the auspices of the enforcement wing of the Kurdish opposition close to the Turkish border in northwestern Syria.

Turkish authorities fear that the emergence with the support of Western countries and Russia along the current Syrian-Turkish and Iraqi-Turkish borders of an independent Kurdistan, what, in their opinion, there is a focus in the fight against radical Islamists from the Islamic state, could lead him further destabilization in the East and even loss of control over certain territories.

Support for a peaceful solution to the conflict with the Kurds in Turkey arrested scientists 16.03.2016

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